Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sens vs. Habs - Four Pointer Edition

Notes on the third:

-Thank God for RDS. I couldn't take Cole anymore.

-Gionta is such a tiny beast. He's like a rabid chihuahua.

-Pacioretty looked the most like an AHL player he's looked all year tonight.

-Cammalleri isn't the best guy to be carrying the puck into the offensive zone. He's not got the moves Gomez has.

-It's some freak of numbers that this PP is still ranked first in the league. Or do other teams' power plays just suck more?

-This one's on Price and the wretched PP. Horrible, boring, lousy, heartless, stinking, brutal, disgusting, wretched excuse for a game.

Notes on the second:

-I think Plekanec has actually scored two goals from that weird angle this year. Good for him to break the slump.

-Price is not having a stellar night. I guess there's no question about who's starting tomorrow. The only question is, will we see Jaro tonight as well?

-I'm really glad Spacek and Hamrlik aren't going to the Olympics. Two weeks off, especially for Spacek who's looking tired, will be very important down the stretch.

-I see angry Sens who don't want to fall two points behind Montreal. I don't see angry Canadiens.

-Habs D are challenging the neutral zone better than they were earlier in the year.

-The Canadiens look like they're trying to save something for tomorrow night. Someone needs to tell them tomorrow is a lot tougher if they lost tonight.

Notes on the first:

-I wondered how long I'd be able to stand HNIC, but I thought I'd give it a shot, despite Bob "I Hate Montreal" Cole's lousy play-by-play because I've never heard Carbo's colour commentary before. So far, the big insight from him is "Markov is important to Montreal." Hmmm...really, Carbo?

-Another Brodeur in nets against Montreal. It's freaking me out to hear them say "Great save Brodeur!" Just when I was hoping the first one would soon retire, too.

-The stick in Markov's face is the very reason why they need to have video review on plays that cause injuries.

-D'Agostini made a nice little move at the blue line to get the shot through. He needs to do that more often.

-Weird closeup on the ref holding Markov by the sleeve. No idea what that was all about.

-Price can never hold the puck when it hits him. It's like watching him in a greased pig-catching contest.

-The Gomez line had a great game of monkey-in-the-middle in the Sens end for a shift, but they forget that one of the monkeys has to shoot the puck once in a while.

-Once again, the first goal against is completely deflating. There's nothing worse than allowing a shorty.

-Pouliot makes me forget whiny Latendresse even exists, despite his giveaway on the Sens goal. Imagine, a big guy who goes to the net?!

-Gomez is hotter than his mama's taco sauce tonight.

-Too bad the PP is so dreadful tonight. They never get this many chances, and the even-up calls will be coming soon.

-I can't stand Alfredsson.


dusty said...

-Cannot understand why the canadian annoucers are so bad. All the canadian play by play guys either have an annoying voice, are biased beyond reason or both. Who the hell hired Carbonneau? I hope whatever he makes is subtracted from what the Habs are paying him for doing nothing. Loved him as a player but he is totally useless off the ice. And Gary Gally is a complete tool. The only ones that are any good are Cassey Campbell and Craig Simpson.
-I can't stand watching the Habs play with a canadian broadcast team. They are beyond disgusting! Hope the Habs pick up their game and clobber the Sens (what a pussy name). If I have to look at Alfie's father one more time I'm going to puke.
-I can't stand Alfredsson either.

dusty said...

-Puked twice when I saw the Sen's fathers again.
-Well that period sucked. Why are the Habs always out worked? Are they out of shape or what? The Islanders-Sabres game is so much better not to mention the announcers. I don't think the Habs are going to make the playoffs unless Bob can replace D'Agostini, Laraque and Lapierre with some useful experienced 4th line players. There are so many terrific young players on other teams, only wish the Habs a couple.
-Please win this one if only to piss off Cole, Galley and Carbo.

dusty said...

-Heartless, boring, disgusting. Perfect recap of a horrible game.
-As I live in the US don't get RDS, so I switched to the Buffalo-Islander game. What a great third period, OT and SO. The Islanders have some great young talent, Okposo, Moulson, Schremp, Nielson, Bailey, Biergenheim and of course Tavares. The Sabres are also fun to watch, legs churning, no coasting on a Ruff team.
-The Habs have Pacioretty, D'Agostini and Lapierre. I justed thru up in my mouth again.
-Jacques Martin has two choices. First - play Halak and give the team a chance to get to the post season or second - play Price and hope for a lottery pick.

SolaDude said...

Yes - why is Alfie's father a repeated appearance worthy mention? I was gagging too!