Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sabres vs. Habs - Home Sweet Home Edition

Notes on the third:

-I was just thinking the makeup penalty call had to happen soon. Not so. Maybe there's no conspiracy?

-Has Pleks won a faceoff yet?

-Price needs to stop pretending he's Brodeur with the outlet passing. He's not that good.

-I love how Markov is never fooled by a deke. He knows what the other guy is doing before he does it.

-D'Agostini is the Eddie Munster of hockey...not scary enough to register a fright on his own, but still hoping to grow into his family's reputation.

-Habs sucked. I hate these boring, pointless games. Ugh.

Notes on the second:

-Gionta can catch a pass like the Cirque du Soleil guys catch trapeze flyers.

-I like Pax, but he's no Kostitsyn. At least, not yet. The first line is missing Andrei.

-It's nice to see Rivet landing on his feet in Buffalo after the two trades in two years. Although I don't quite forgive him for slagging Montreal after the San Jose trade.

-Miller's hot, as usual, and the Habs don't have a lot of jump today. I'm not anticipating a great result here.

Notes on the first:

-I wish I trusted Price more. I want to.

-My nine-year-old on Laraque: "So, he's the muscle guy, right? And when it comes to careful stuff like handling the puck, he's just big and klutzy and can't do it, right?" Right.

-Spacek waves at the one-timer more often than the queen.

-Plekanec is on fire more often than one of those training houses volunteer firefighters ignite every weekend.

-Nine-year-old on Butler: Ew...THAT guy needs to brush his teeth!

-I see the difference between the Habs' breakout and the Sabres'. The Habs go D-to-D, then pass to a stationary winger at the blueline who must then fight a battle for puck possession. The Sabres' Ds skate it up to the blueline, then hit a moving winger with a pass in the neutral zone. MUCH harder to stop.

-Price looks like he's lost weight. He's not the ripped machine he was last year. Which is probably just fine, for a goalie.

-I like it when the Habs play a speed team like the Sabres...they tend to remember *they're* fast too.

-That period flew by...with no discernible advantage for either team. Habs have to be better on the PP though.


GK said...

I thought they played well enough to force Miller into some fantastic stops, and to draw penalties for a change. After the goal, the air went out of the balloon.

Shan said...

Be honest--your 9 year old writes the whole blog and you take the credit.

"-Habs sucked. I hate these boring, pointless games. Ugh."

I'm glad someone else sees it this way.

J.T. said...

@Shan: Alright, you caught me. The kid does it all! (Actually, I don't know if that's a compliment for her or a dig at me!) She's not a hockey fan, but her impressions of it are funny.

Anonymous said...

I thought Buffalo completely shifted their style of play after the goal... set out to protect it and did a great job doing so. Easy to see from repeated tough games with the Sabres why Ruff has been coaching that team for about a decade.

A game like that against a good team like Buffalo increases my confidence in our team. If we can limit injuries to key players, by the end of the year, I think we will be winning our share of those.