Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Habs vs. Lighting - Meh Edition

Notes on the third:

-It's not a good sign when I'm just hoping Plekanec will score because I have him in my pool.

-Speaking of matter what, Pleks never stops trying. I hope he's still trying in Montreal next season.

-When's the last time Bergeron wired one into the back of the net? This is why Gainey picked him off the trash heap.

-This team sucks. Good night. I'm glad the next one is in the afternoon, so I don't have to waste another night at this.

Notes on the second:

-Habs fans are lucky Price and Halak are RFA this year and not UFA. Otherwise the debate wouldn't be about which one is better, but about which one management is begging to stay. At this rate, there'd be no reason for either of them to stick around.

-The Habs would be in this game if it wasn't for the stellar play of Nittymaaki. Hahahaha...sorry, couldn't keep it in.

-Good lord, Hedman is skinny.

-Not a bad bout by O'Byrne. It's good policy for loser teams to have a guy who can fight and give the fans a reason to buy tickets.

-I wonder why, when the Habs give it away it ends up in their net, but when the Lightning give it away, no harm done?

-Walkom called, Walkom called, broken gla-a-ass. (Only Annie Lennox fans will get that.)

-If the Canadiens have a beer, it's from a tankard. If they were to join the military, they would drive tanks. Their favourite movie is Tankenstein.

-Can we prorogue this game until after the Olympics? It'd be a lot more fun to pick it up again after we've watched some hard-working athletes win gold medals.

Notes on the first:

-I wanted the Gill and Gorges pairing, but I'm not sure it's the greatest. In theory, the big guy would help the smaller puck mover out. But Gill doesn't act like a big guy.

-I really hate how the TB arena PA guy has to tell the fans when it's a powerplay.

-The mysteries I'd like to solve include whether there's life after death, the true cure for cancer and the nature of the Habs' alleged "System."

-It's time for someone to draw a picture for the Habs that will explain to them more clearly than words will, that the net has a "front door" and a "back door" and if everyone is watching the front door, the guy without the puck is sneaking in the back for a pass. I mean, come on! It's Atom level stuff we're talking about here.

-And while we're drawing pictures, a map to the net would be helpful for the Habs shooters.

-Sucky period, and about to get suckier when the tired legs and lack of a defenceman start to sink in.


dusty said...

-Habs continue to do the impossible, making average players look like stars. Tonight it's Steve Downie. If only we were the Flyers, Asham, Carcillo, Laperriere, Hartnall, Cote or Pronger would have straightened him in a hurry. Instead he's running around having the time of his life.

-Read on TSN site Markov called out Price after loss to the Blues and team was split in it's response. Maybe Markov is not hurt just pissed off. Something is wrong in the dressing room. The season looks like it is over for the Habs.

-A thought on Price. He looks like he couldn't care less out there. If Gainey and Martin are still here next season, you're right in saying neither Halak nor Price will want to stay. And nobody would blame them.

-The only question left after 2 periods is will the Habs score? I'm guessing no.

Shan said...

Jennifer: While I have Plekanec in my pool as well, I also have Niittymaki. Nice to see the Habs reward him with his first shutout of the season.

dusty: Hard to say that Price looks like he doesn't care. Whether you care or not, if you're not in the right frame of mind and feeling good about your job, it's tough to perform.

dusty said...

-Don't know if I can bear to watch the Ottawa game. Can't stand Dean Brown and Garry Galley and all their fawning over Spezza and Alfie. Especially when the Habs are getting clobbered on the scoreboard and against the boards. I'm sure Neil will score as he always does against Montreal and poor Halak will be left to fend for himself as the gutless Hab defense (except for O'Byrne) will wilt under pressure from Fisher and the rest of the Sens. Even Kovalev plays tough against the Habs.

J.T. said...

@Shan: Jennifer? Not me. :)