Thursday, January 7, 2010

Panthers vs. Habs - Just Win Edition

Notes on the third:

-The Eighth Wonder of the World would be the Habs successfully clearing their own zone in one try.

-There's no coincidence that Gainey specified a right-handed defenceman and a faceoff man in his summary of small things that would improve the team. Faceoffs are horrid lately.

-Frolik took out two midgets with one hit. It's like watching bowling.

-He's not perfect, but Gorges must be covered in bruises with all the shots he blocks. He's pretty much fearless.

-Pleks and Cammy are slumping without AK's size and speed on the line. The team can't go very long without them scoring.

-Horton looks like the bastard child of Todd Bertuzzi and Satan.

-Say what you like about Halak facing "weak" teams, but Florida has Horton, Weiss, Frolik and Olecsz, who can all score. And I saw McCabe wire two past the Monster in TO the other night.

-Shutout. Lovely. Let's do it again to Marty and Co. Habs owe him a couple.

Notes on the second:

-Gui! and Pouliot down by the school yard. And Pouliot kicked ass.

-Lapierre has decided to give it his best tonight, even with his anchor in tow. Laraque shot count: 25 games. 0 shots. Nice pass, though.

-Watching Jaro makes me feel like Sabres fans must have felt watching Hasek. He gives you heart attacks, but after they revive you, you see he's somehow stopped the puck.

-Who is this quick-passing team? And why can they still not score?

-Mara looked alive and mobile during that period. Hey,'s been a while!

-If this is D'Agostini's big audition for a continued position with the Canadiens, I'm afraid he won't get a callback. Next!

-I think the refs have decided not to call anymore Florida penalties because the Habs' PP hurts their eyes.

-Habs need another goal, badly. I think this one isn't ending 1-0.

Notes on the first:

-Cole's Notes notwithstanding, I can't seem to quit watching. I guess I'm secretly hoping they'll break out of The System like Frank Morris broke out of Alcatraz.

-Lapierre has come to the realization that going to the net might actually draw a penalty in his team's favour. Eureka!

-Passed peacefully away in its sleep, January, 2010: The Habs' power play.

-Speaking of which, someone needs to tell them a 5-on-3 is not passing practice. Kicking it around the perimeter and forcing the QB to take the shot himself is not exactly good PP management. If I were Martin, I'd give the second-wave with Metropolit the first minute next time. At least they shoot.

-Watching D'Agostini avoid a hit and lose the puck on the cycle while Plekanec throws himself into the guy in the corner is painful.

-Fortunately the Panthers don't pass any better than the Habs do. It's a level ice surface tonight, boys and girls.

-Pouliot looks like the grown-up kid in "Big" next to his normal-sized buddy when he stands next to Gionta. But wow! Does he ever have a shot?! Jury's still out on the trade, but I'm liking it so far.

-Habs have to take better advantage of their...oh, never mind. Just go read Cole's Notes on The System.

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sheldon said...

Laps is playing for a roster spot, with AK & SK in the lineup , no room for him.

Pouliot is looking good, but Dags just aint cutting it. Max neither, he could use some Hamilton time.

Love the Paul Simon reference!