Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rangers vs. Habs - Jockeying For Position Edition

Notes on the third:

-I wish this game could have lasted all night!

-Rangers should have started Zaba. He was good in that period.

-When Andrei Kostitsyn gets back, this team is going to have some serious offence on the first two lines.

-Boy, can Tortorella ever give a death stare?!

-PING! Halak has a very good relationship with his posts.

-Nice to see the Rangers goon show end in a 5-on-3. And Plekanec has the sweetest backhand I've seen in a very long time.

-Well, I guess O'Byrne answered the "Who's going to fight with Laraque gone?" question. Voros got Rhino Burn. The big guy played a really solid game all around.

-Cammalleri's little row with Lapierre seemed to have inspired both of them. This game was like make-up sex.

-I wonder if Gainey smiled?

Notes on the second:

-Wow...the Habs lead the league in four-on-four goals. Too bad that pesky five-on-five thing gets in the way so much.

-Gill's a great passer if he doesn't have to cover a distance of greater than his own height.

-I love how Cammalleri holsters his stick after a goal. The only difference between him and an Old West gunfighter is he doesn't blow the smoke off it first.

-Lapierre is playing his best game of the year. He looks like he's really happy to have Darche on his line. Or anyone other than Laraque.

-Cammalleri is the Lundqvist Killer. What is it now? Six goals in three games? I think that should be classified as regicide against the King.

-Pouliot has a very scary habit of passing the puck backwards into his own zone. Fortunately, the goals he scores more than make up for it.

-The crowd is so elated, even the booing of Higgins and Avery is half-hearted.

-Jaro's forays out of the net are more adventurous than Columbus' on the high seas.

-A five-goal lead makes me nervous ever since the big Comeback game two years ago. Not that we've seen many five-goal leads, but still.

Notes on the first:

-Jacques Martin has the ugliest collection of insurance-salesman ties in the league.

-It's the little things that make hockey entertaining. The linesman handed Avery's helmet to him in the penalty box, then discreetly wiped his hand on his pants.

-The Habs passing is more disgraceful than Lady Godiva's afternoon ride through Coventry.

-Spacek finally gets a puck on the net and it turns into a goal. I'd love to see that happen a little more often.

-Metropolit can really handle the puck. I bet he plays a mean yo-yo too.

-Gill and O'Byrne bring to mind the good old days when the Habs' D was known as "The Trees." That's a tall pair there.

-Poor Halak. He looks like the guy in the pie-throwing booth at the country fair. He's standing in there gamely, but he knows he's getting a face full of coconut creme before too much longer.

-Overall, a pretty solid period. I hope the wheels don't fall off in the second like they did last time these two teams met.

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dusty said...

-WOW! Where did this game come from? Except for the first 10 minutes or so the Habs looked like a real good hockey team. Laraque must have been one hell of a distraction!