Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bs vs. Habs - Dogfight Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Cammy's gone too. Never a good thing to lose a guy who can flip tires like he can.

-Desharnais! Great play on the PK.

-Price is handling the puck like a precious orchid. Just lovely, lovely moves.

-The Darche goal should have counted. Thomas knocked it in his own net.

-Gomez came to play tonight. So he's now earned about 1/124th of his salary.

-Well, Darche was determined to get a goal tonight, even if it was the biggest donkey goal of the year. Then they give it to Gomez.

-Okay, Martin. The pulling the goalie thing FINALLY worked. I'll give you that tonight. Gio!

-Holy crap! Myax Patcheretty with the winner. I can't believe this.

Notes on the second:

-Scary post to start the period. Picard is SO not an NHL regular if you can avoid it.

-Plekanec is off. The number of penalties he's taking isn't normal.

-And the Bs goal shows exactly why Picard is not an NHL D. Brutal clear, with all the time in the world to make the play.

-Kostitsyn will be traded because of his inconsistency. It's a shame because when he tries, he's great.

-Wizniewski is falling into the same trap he got out of in Long Island. With injuries, he's playing top minutes and he can't handle them.

-Seems Pacioretty is taking over Pouliot's falling on ass duties.

-Until the Canadiens can ice a team that doesn't feature Mathieu Darche on the PP, they will never win anything.

-Bergeron once again killing the Habs. The French Curse.

-This is probably too big a hole for the Habs to crawl out of now. Thomas is good and the popgun offence is just going to pop into his crest for the third. Sigh.

Notes on the first:

-Nervous for this one. HUGE game.

-Speed will be the difference tonight, but it feels a little tentative early.

-Healy thinks Price's positioning is "exquisite." I didn't know he knew any three-syllable words.

-It'd be helpful if any of the remaining defence could hold the puck at the blue line.

-Price is sharper than an old maid's tongue.

-Hal Gill is a perfect example of the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. He's possibly the best PK man in the NHL, and he has the worst breakout pass in the league.

-You have to love the captain going after the biggest dog in the pound.

-It's not a good sign that the closeup of Hammer rushing the puck shows him blowing like Usain Bolt in the last ten meters.

-Now, that was a real hockey fight. Moen and McQuaid just blew a fuse and went to town.

-Nice period, but it's soooo hard for the Habs to score.


Unknown said...

Now as then, you can count on Michael Ryder to help the other team...

MC said...

What a comeback!! Good things happen when you shoot and go to the net! Now I will go to bed happy and try not to have nightmares about the Picard-Wisniewski pairing...

Kyle Roussel said...

Love the running game notes...but the Darche call was correct. NHL rule 80.3 states that if the puck goes in the net after touching an opposing player's high stick, it cannot hit ANY player or official on the way in. It's no goal any way you slice it.

Anonymous said...

Still a brutal hockey team. They play on the periphery and cant score. That and JM cant seem to put players in positions to use their strengths.

Anonymous said...

You could have your stick as high as the ceiling BUT when it comes down and touches the puck below the shoulders ( NET ) it's IN!!!PERIOD Bad call It bothers me the review goes to toronto....nothing from that part of the world is ever right.