Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ducks vs. Habs - Koivu Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Gionta has missed more chances than Gill gets in a year.

-Subban looks afraid to shoot.

-If that was a hook on Pouliot, then Martin's a snappy dresser. Reffing is really terrible tongiht.

-I used to get excited when I saw Gomez with a clear path to the net. I've learned.

-I miss Gorges. Markov too, but I don't really remember him very well. The old Ds are really hurting in the second half of back-to-backs.

-Unfreakingbelievable. Darche with the tip and Pax with the unreal tying goal.

-Shots 23-5. Just unreal.

-Damn shootout. Hate the thing because none of the Habs can score on it.

Notes on the second:

-Now that the emotion is over, the Habs have to get down to winning this.

-Poor Pierre Houde sounds like he's got a mouthful of tacks when he tries to say Wisniewski's shot got blocked by Visnovsky.

-Some very terrible d-zone play going on in the Habs' end. They look like half the team is on tape delay.

-Pacioretty's last two goals have gone in with less room than Rita McNeil leaves in an airplane seat.

-Just discovered RDS is nearly a full minute behind CBC. How the hell does that happen?

-That puck bouncing in the air like that would have gone in on Price last year.

-Lots of rookie mistakes lead to the Ducks second goal. Martin must be wishing he could afford to bench somebody.

-Gomez must have expended all his weekly effort last night.

-Pleks could have picked a better time for a totally brain dead penalty.

-Another horrible effort on D by Hamrlik, and another terrible goal with less than 20 seconds to go. Sometimes I want to smack this team.

Notes on the first:

-I think it'd suck to come back as a Duck.

-Lapierre must be so rotted tonight that his return is nothing in comparison with Koivu's.

-Nice hand for Koivu, but a little stragne the team didn't officially acknowledge his return.

-Hiller's mask makes him look like an unscary Darth Vader.

-There's a candidate for the most ridiculous call of the year: Ducks hold P.K.'s stick until he's forced to yank it back. The kickback swings up and hits a Duck and Subban gets the call.

-Wiz looking good on the PK

-Candidate number two for most ridiculous call of the year: Pax for holding, while trying to get around a guy. Unreal. And, of course, Hamrlik scores for the Ducks.

-Nervous period. Habs need to get it together for the second.


Anonymous said...

What a horrible game to watch. For two periods there has been no hitting, no emotion, no energy by either team. The Habs seem to think this is an exhibition game. And the Ducks are happy to play along. To make things worse, I'm stuck with the Ducks broadcasters who have a private conversation with the occasional reference to the game. "Hayse" (Brian Hayward) is just plain terrible.

pfhabs said...


-the crowd and Saku showed each other the mutual respect and admiration they have for each other

-the "official" tribute from the organization which spared no expense amounted to no more than a pic on the scoreboard when he returned in April 2002...

-it's as if he never existed in the history of the CH...what a classless and shameful exhibition of revisionism

Anonymous said...

50 minutes of crap and then a hockey game broke out. MAX!

Marco said...

I was just wondering, since you watched the game on RDS, do you speak french?

J.T. said...

@Marco: Unfortunately, I understand French a lot better than I speak it.