Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Habs vs. Flyers - Vacation Eve Edition

Notes on the third:

-This stinks. I'm going to bed.

Notes on the second:

-Measuring hope for a comeback in this is akin to measuring the distance between the hull of the Titanic and the iceberg.

-The 2003 draft looks the worst against Philly. Jeff Carter or Andrei Kostitsyn? Hmmm...who to pick?

-Excellent! Habs are even letting the Flyer goon in on the action.

-I hate seeing proof that the Canadiens aren't going to win the Cup again this year. Seeing it dressed in orange makes it worse.

-If Desharnais can score against the Flyers, he can score against anybody. Hope the Habs keep him.

-Laugh of the night: Gill congratulating DD. Looked like he had to kneel to pat the rookie on the head.

-Man, the Habs are just getting owned here, and I'm not betting it's because their minds are already on vacation. This is uglier than blasted Britney Spears with that snake around her neck.

-Oh, hey! Two minutes to go in the second, and Pacioretty just showed up! Good for him.

-When you're down to Gionta shooting from the point, it's not going well.

-To watch the third or not? That is the question. Being something of a masochist, and knowing there are no games for a week, I'll probably stay for the whole scourging.

Notes on the first:

-When you're *expecting* to get bitch-slapped, you can brace yourself for it.

-Why is it that whatever they're calling the Spectrum these days seems to have chicken wire instead of glass behind the benches? It feels like they should be singing "Rawhide" while drunk patrons chuck beer bottles at them.

-Oh, Wiz! You can't pass blind in front of the net like that! Sammy Davis would have made a better pass.

-Hey! It's a replay of the playoffs. Even start, then idiot Gomez takes an idiot penalty. Fortunately, this time an equally idiotic Flyer goes too.

-Awesome Spectrum crowd booing Subban. They have to be the nastiest fans in the league. I hope P.K. buries at least one goal and two Flyers before the night is over.

-Plekanec wants a goal badly. He secretly loathes these guys like the Queen loathes commoners.

-I don't know if I'm the only one who would dearly love to butt-end Mike Richards in the mouth. Just to stop the sneer, if nothing else.

-Weber's getting better with each game. He nailed Shelley a good one there.

-Yup. It's the playoffs all over again. Dumbass penalties, and OH, surprise! Flyers score on a 5-on-3. Twice.

-It'd be nice if our team would EVER win a crucial faceoff.

-I was wrong. Expecting to get bitch-slapped doesn't make it any easier.


Paul B. said...

I wonder which one of his teammate is in charge of driving back Carcillo to the psychiatric ward, after each game ?

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to butt-end Richards in the mouth. Or better yet, knee him in the groin. I hate the guy that much!

I'm not watching the game, just listening and following on Twitter. Doesn't sound pretty. Guess the guys went on vacation a bit early, huh?

Anonymous said...

Men against old men and boys. If the Flyers don't win the Cup this year I will be very surprised. I hate to see the Habs get dominated like this but I admit I love to watch the Flyers play. They don't even need a goaltender. Anybody can play in net for them. It just doesn't matter.

Jeff G said...

"-Why is it that whatever they're calling the Spectrum these days..."

It's called the Wells Fargo Center. The Spectrum is (was) an entirely different building. We last played there in 1996.

Go Flyers.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they keep putting Gomez on the power play!!
Stupid penalties...lots of give aways.
Someone tell me why Subban insists on constantly making backhanded passes.
I felt like booing him too tonight.
No shots for 8:59 in the third....not sure if they realize that no shots means no GOALS!

What a depression.

Hopefully they'll come back refreshed after the all-star game.

Anonymous said...

The Habs need two big, young and tough defensemen to replace Spatch and Hammer. If PG can accomplish that over the summer there is hope for signicant improvement. If not, well we fans will have to get used to games like this.

When Darche and Desharnais are your best forwards what does that say about the play of Gomez, Gionta and Plekenec? Oh well, at least the Rangers lost.