Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Saku

Long-ago stranger in a frozen land,
Untested, fresh and brilliant, living dreams
Of heroes and of glory and of stars.
Then touched in youth by Fate's capricious hand,
He learned by heart the cruelty of Her schemes,
His dignity untarnished by his scars.

On blackest nights a steadfast, glowing spark,
Though burdened by defeat and shrill demand
With sweat of brow and beat of heart he fought
To nurture hope when all around was dark.
Unbowed in times when others failed to stand
He earned a love that can't be cheaply bought.


Anonymous said...

Good on you JT. I was always a Saku fan and hope he can come back to finish out his career.The Habs owe him that much.He could be an assistant captain and that would be fine,keep the pressure off and let him enjoy the end of a great career.............

Jessica and Stephan said...

Well said! Love it JT!

WELCOME HOME KOIVU! You will always be a Hab in my heart.

Ian said...

I am so looking forward to seeing the reception Saku gets tonight. Fortunately I am babysitting my granddaughter tonight and they have satellite tv, so I can watch the game on RDS. Sucks living in the Laff-land area.

I may even wear my pride-and-joy Saku jersey tonight. Would be fitting. I admired this man as a player, and even more as a human being.

I hope he scores a goal or three (as long as the Habs win).

Have a great game, Saku. You'll be rightly and richly honoured tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Call me a conspiracy believer but it seems the Montreal management did not want any chance of Koivu getting the spotlight. What a bunch of no class toads. Please get rid of this bunch.