Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pens vs. Habs - I Told Him, Gorgie, Don't Go Edition

Notes on the third, OT and sideshow ending:

-I think RDS should have to tone it down a bit. They get us all excited and nothing happens.

-Price looking good on the PK the Pens got as the result of a completely bogus tripping call. Subban helping too.

-If there were a patron saint of penalty killing, it should be Tomas Plekanec.

-If the Habs could complete a pass better than a 15-year-old with acne at his first dance, they'd be golden.

-Oh no. Spacek. Soon they'll be icing five forwards by default. Hey! It could be the death of The System.

-One thing I like about The Wiz is if he doesn't get the puck to the net, he hurts someone in the process of missing.

-So many 5-on-3s and so few goals. The story of the game, right here.

-Plekanec is playing like he's night blind. Cammalleri's playing like he's legally blind.

-Yeah, right Malkin's hurt. Nice try, big guy.

-Yay! Loser point!

-Oh man, did you SEE Malkin flipping the puck on his stick while on the rush? It's not fair they could tank for a guy like that.

-Price has been dreadful on breakaways all year. I'm not looking forward to this.

-BUT...he's brilliant and Pouliot scores the dirty awesome SO goal for the win. Amazing.

Notes on the second:

-Carbo always dresses so well.

-First penalty. I'm reeling with shock that it's on the Habs.

-Moen stripped Malkin like a drunken cheerleader.

-Price is going puck-blind...head jerking up and body flailing when he can't find the puck.

-Nobody there. Ever. Puck pops out in the crease. Nobody. Puck passed out to the point off the cycle. Nobody.

-Staal's long neck and big teeth make him look like a cross between a turkey and a hillbilly.

-Cheap call on Cammalleri. He tripped himself.

-Johnson's playing like he's French.

-Desharnais with the assist on the Pouliot bullet. Now, Jacques, give the kid two real NHL linemates and let him go.

-Gill's just standing in the crease, frozen like he looked back at the fall of Sodom and Gomorrah.

-Looking at Gio, Pouliot and Desharnais walking off the ice in a line, it's like the silver, gold and bronze steps on the Olympic podium.

-Better period, but this one can certainly go either way.

Notes on the first:

-Was I the only one who howled "NOOOOOOOO..." at the news of Gorges' injury? what? Try to make the playoffs or tank for Adam Larsson?

-Speaking of Gorges, RDS keeps showing his one goal over and over. It's starting to get embarrassing.

-I'd be mad at the Asham goal, but I wasn't really expecting anything better tonight.

-Right...I momentarily forgot the Pens are God's team, and can't be called for penalties.

-If Pouliot ever had his stick on the ice, it'd be really, really helpful.

-Cammalleri's shot is as potent as the "before" picture in the Viagra ad.

-The Montreal Canadiens: Making Backups Look Like Roy Since 1993.

-Desharnais is panicking a bit. He doesn't realize how much time he's got.

-This is depressing. Even the Pens B-team can beat the Habs.


Pete said...

That game was bizarre. It felt great to win, but I'm still mourning the loss of Gorges. The win was sweet, but I have an almost bitter taste about the whole thing. If only there was a word I could use to describe how I feel.

Unknown said...

Is that a reference to Wayne and Schuster's "Juli, don't go" skit from the '60's?? bravo!!!

J.T. said...

@habsdoc: Yup. Great catch! I thought that thing was hilarious when I was a kid and it was on in re-runs on Saturday evenings before hockey.

@Pete: I'm looking for the same word. :(

Anonymous said...

Crazy win indeed. I have to confess I left after the first period so it is nice to wake up with two points in the bank! We're still on our way to get more more than 90 points. This is the goal to make the playoffs. Always keep that in mind.

The Habs have difficulties to enter the offensive zone, it hurts to watch this. I saw Plekanec twice in the first trying to enter the zone and looking for a teammate..the guy was alone agaisnt 5...yes, against five Pens.
So they drop the puck deep and try to retrieve it. This is boring but could be effective if you would have the size to win those battles. Instead we send in guys weighing 160 pounds (if there's enough sweat in their jerseys by then)

Pouliot is not used properly. I'm not saying that because of last night. I always saw Pouliot as a 25-30 goal scorer, easy. Look at his ice time and his number of goals! If he would have played double that time, is it fair to think he could have around 18 goals already??? He has loads of talent but lacks a bit of heart (we all know that) but he's not the only one, is he? In my book, Pouliot is a second line player. JM demoted him a lot and he lacks some confidence. His fancy goal last night was maybe meant to say: see what I can do.
I would like to see him get more ice time and quality linemates for a longer while. JM and his line changes are not helping. Linemates create chemistry after a while: hockey 101.

It's also funny how there is some kind of equilibrium in a season. We didn't deserve that win but so did we in other games did not deserve to lose. In the course of 82 games, it kind of finds its own middle.

We have officially reached the mid-season dear Habs fans. We have 47 points in 41 games. In my book with 43 points in the other 41 games we are in the spring dance (not that it is my only aim but it sure is the first step). things are not that bad. (Think about the Devils, sweet Lord !)

Thanks to Carey Price for last night's win.
We obviously badly need to score more goals.
Our forwards are not producing enough and require the third line to win it...this is NEVER good.
How do we address that issue? JT?
Oh, and has anyone seen Gomez?

That's pretty much it from my side.

Best regards JT,