Saturday, October 10, 2009

Habs vs. Oilers - Game 5

Notes on the third:

-Kudos to CBC trying to find something good about the Habs. Focussing on Gionta's energy and Price's movement in the slot.

-How cruel is it that they keep pointing out Gill being the second-tallest player in the league behind Chara? Yeah. Like those guys are even close to comparable.

-There are twelve minutes to go. But it's 1:30 in the morning here and I'm NOT expecting miracles. Call me Ishmael. Good night.

Notes on the second:

-Stone stoned.

-Chipchura is churning like the screw of an ocean liner. He was behind the net with no one bothering him and he was still stickhandling.

-How many millions is Gainey paying for this bunch again? Gomez' salary alone is enough to make me weep. Looking at Gainey in the pressbox, he resembles a cadaver. We're sure he's still on this side of the sod, right?

-Max Pac is passing to hinself, since there's no point in passing to anyone on his line. Good try, though.

-I think whomever they ask to be Captain should decline. Nobody needs the crap being the captain of this team would involve.

-How does Martin restrain himself from smacking some of them in the back of the head? I think that should be a qualification for coach of the year.

-This team can't score and the defence is terrible. They're a bad team. We are in for a very long season.

-Hey! On the bright side, maybe Taylor Hall won't go to the Bs after all.

-HNIC calling Markov "Alexei Markov." I can't believe how little respect the General gets. Can you imagine them saying "Ned Lidstrom" or "Andre Ovechkin?" I didn't think so.

-I love Gionta. I wish the team had ten more of him, short or not.

Notes on the first:

-Off the topic of this game, but I hope Taylor Hall enjoys Boston because Burkie's going to hand him to the Bs when Toronto tanks this year. Wow. Was that game wretched or what? I don't understand how any intelligent hockey person could say the leafs will make the playoffs this year. But they did rave about it. Poor McGuru. He must be vomiting all that stuff he's swallowed by now.

-CBC saying the Habs should be testy tonight. Testy. Testicular. Tested. Any relation, I wonder?

-God, I'm tired of road games.

-I wonder if any of Price's family drove to Edmonton in hopes of a more inspiring performance from their boy?

-Martin isn't Carbo. This year's edition of the Golden Boy, Max Pacioretty, is on the fourth line with Chips and BGL again.

-I love that you can't tell who's got the penalty by the crowd's reaction in Edmonton. They booed the Oil's PP.

-They killed a couple of penalties! Is that a miracle? Or just the exception that proves the rule?

-Well, at least AK is shooting. I guess if you point the shotgun at the sky and fire it often enough a duck will fall eventually.

-New picture of "underrated" on Wiki is Josh Gorges on a 2-on-1.

-"Jim" Carey Price is living up to his namesake, except not as memorable. High glove doesn't cut it in the NHL. And definitely not in the last minute. There's your softie of the game.

-A tentative period ending with the typical Price backbreaker. I like Carey, but he's not going to steal a whole lot of games, and this team needs steals. I hope he makes me eat these words in the third.

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Anonymous said...

Montrealers never learned to lose. You gotta embrace it, let it go right through you. We were always to spoiled. Even during the Petrov era.

The only problem is, we won't finish last. Toronto and Islander are gonna be worst. And we'll play .500 ball. No playoff, no great picks. Damn!