Saturday, October 31, 2009

leafs vs.Habs - Scary Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-I wonder what you could build with Gomez' seven million bucks? I'm guessing something better than a hockey player with two goals in thirteen games. On the other hand, he played a fabulous PK shift early on.

-Non-hocky fan spouse just made a great point: Martin looks like The Penguin from the Batman movies.

-The Truculent Twins aren't helping much on the leafs back-end, are they?

-Poor Carey Price. He dropped an F-bomb on TV last night about the number of goals going in on him off defencemen's skates. Then Halak is in when Hammer kicks one in the leafs net. Then it evens out when the tying goal goes off Spacek's skate. Ugh.

-A curse on the head of every fan singing "goodbye" with four minutes to go. What's the matter with people? Has no one ever heard of hubris?

-The goalies have had no chance on ninety percent of the goals against them. This is not a very good hockey team.

-Thank God the midgets can put the puck in the net when there's no one else out there with them.

Notes on the second:

-Still blinking at Gill in the jammies. That's a hell of a lot of stripes. Gionta, on the other hand, looks like he's seriously wearing his jammies.

-I hate Bergeron. Really, really hate him. The way you hate twenty-nine rainy days in a row, followed by snow on the thirtieth.

-Spacek owes Metropolit one for that rotten suicide pass up the middle with the traitor bearing down.

-Is this the third game in a row in which the Habs have taken a delay-of-game penalty? This sucks. Worst penalty in hockey.

-leaf/Habs games are just something to be endured, not enjoyed. They're like your drunken great-aunt's costume birthday party.

-I think Chipchura is redeeming himself as a first-rounder at the moment. I like him. Pacioretty's coming to life too. I can hear Trevor Timmins' sigh of relief from here.

-Latendresse is as frustrating as telemarketers at suppertime. And just when you're about to hang up on him, he sells you a goal.

-When the leafs are wheeling around your zone with impunity, it's a safe bet that you're not that great a hockey team.

-In honour of the day, Andrei Kostitsyn is playing the role of The Undead.

Notes on the first:

-Happy birthday to our favourite little turtlenecked monster. Hope Bob gifts him with a nice contract.

-Habs are dressed like a chain-gang for Halloween. If they pull off two points tonight, the coach doesn't make them break rocks tomorrow.

-Speaking of the jailbird unis, it looks like back we're in the days of rabbit-ears, when the horizontal hold was acting up.

-The booing of the traitor is exceedingly pleasant to hear. Could stand to be louder, though. Best new nickname for him I've heard: Comicsarek.

-Is it just me, or do an inordinate number of shots deflect off Gorges in particular on his own goalie? He could be nicknamed Pinball.

-There's shooting and there's shooting smart. Kostitsyn is a bit boggled about the difference, I think.

-The reason why concussions will continue to rise in the NHL is because hits like Beauchemin on Gionta are allowed to go unpenalized.

-I'm starting a petition: We, the undersigned, hereby request Marc-Andre Bergeron to refrain from playing defence for the Montreal Canadiens from this point forward. A bullet from the point is no longer qualification enough to be absolved from scaring the crap out of his own team's goalies and/or fans on a shift-by-shift basis.

-Honestly, watching Bergeron's brand of "defence" makes me wonder again what was wrong with Dandenault as a desperation measure?

-Halak's bailing them out tonight. Both he and Price are doing their jobs. Now the rest of the Pajama Squad have to do theirs.


Howard said...

Bergeron looks like those kids who come out to play between periods. Not quite big enough for his equipment. Plays like it too!

Howard said...

It's been a long time coming for Chipchura. I always felt that he was the real deal from watching him with Team Canada Junior (captain). I don't know what took so long but he really didn't get a chance with Carbonneau. That's the thing with Carbo, he may have been a players' coach but he had a doghouse too. I have to say that the time in Hamilton can only have helped Chipchura (helloooo Gui!). I hope it's helping Weber and Subban too because I'd rather see them that MAB anyday!

Patrick said...

I love your metaphors!

I can't stand Bergeron. Even if he scores a PP goal every games, this won't make up with all the mess he's creating in his own zone. He seems to play in some fantasy world.

I've also noticed how Chipchura had found his game of late. It's a great story, and a much welcomed addition in the depth chart.

DB said...

Do these guys get paid time and a half for OT? Cause they sure play enough of it.

I'm not sure Carbo always had a doghouse. I thought Carbo was very high strung and when a player made a mistake, instead of being able to relax the player, Carbo made him nervous. As a result, the player went into a prolonged slump.

pfhabs said...


-these 2 points are just more mascara for underlying issues...pushed to the limit by a bad team is not a formula for playoff success or even getting into them

-Chipchura continues to improve his play as his minutes increase...confidence is a wonderful thing

-it's Halloween for certain D men every night because their play is scary mediocre

-as for Gomez he can never live up to (point wise) a $8.0 million dollar salary ($7.37 cap hit). it was a stupid UFA salary given by the Rangers. however; Santa Bob gave Trader Glen a huge early and long term Christmas present plus players and prospects and the ability to sign Gaborik...if you think Scott is under pressure to 'earn' his $8 mille now the heat gets turned up when McDonagh arrives on scene while Gaborik annually out points Gomez although playing 20 games less a year.

-for all the Gainey apologists mark that trade down as one to re-evaluate in 2 years time although it's very clear today for anyone without bleu, blanc et rouge glasses

NailaJ said...

Martin DOES look eerily like the Penguin!

pfhabs said...

or Count Chocula (sp?)... promotes kid's breakfast cereal w way tooo much sugar