Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thrashers vs. Habs - Gotta Win

Notes on OT and SO:

-Have these guys not heard of the Shooter Tutor? Apparently not, since none of them seem to have a clue where the net might be.

-What a piece of shit hit Kozlov executed on Gomez.

-The Habs have no luck at all. None. Hot goalies against the Habs are NOT a myth.

-Cammalleri on the shootout...not so much.

-Gomez! Gionta! A win! Thank the lord.

Notes on the third:

-32 games without a goal for Pacioretty. Does Gainey need a letter from God to send him to Hamilton?

-Gill's now inherited my Most Hated Hab title. It's been vacant since David Aebischer.

-Bergeron should not be in the game in the third. He's hurt and he's playing stupid.

-Speaking of them, Bergeron and Gill should, under any circumstances, be on the ice together. It's like putting Breezer and a Tim Horton's pee wee out there.

-McGuire's left off blowing Komisarek long enough to blow Kane. Once you go black, Pierre...

-Habs couldn't score on a 6-on-0 on an empty net.

Notes on the second:

-Habs fire more blanks than a guy with a vasectomy.

-Watching TSN tonight, despite McGuire. Speaking of which: McGuire's first Homoerotic Comment of the Game (HCOG) so far is "Cammalleri in the neutral zone, not hard enough."

-I hate how the Habs' backup goalie is always pushed off to the side instead of sitting with the rest of the team.

-Kostitsyn can backcheck like Carbo when he tries. Wait...did I say that?

-Maybe Chipchura should have been a second baseman. That was a nice catch over his head to help clear the zone.

-Dear Santa, I know it's early to ask, but could we have a left winger for Tomas Plekanec? We've been really good, we promise.

-I liked Spacek on Kovalchuk. The kid is awesome, but the wily vet knows what he's doing.

-Colby Armstrong is a dangerous little shit, and if the NHL doesn't censure him for that around-the-net crap he pulls, it might as well call hockey players gladiators.

-Gomez is as precise as a compass on his passes tonight. It's the best I've seen him as a Hab.

-Travis Moen is as singleminded as a two-year-old begging for cookies when he's headed for the net. Too bad he doesn't have better hands.

-Could Lats, D'Agostini and Chipchura have found some chemistry together on the Last Chance Line?

-It worries me that these guys just can't score, no matter how much they dominate. Hoping the third doesn't become the new second here.

Notes on the first:

-I still can't decide if it's a measure of the Thrashers' improvement or the Habs' desperation that they kind of MUST beat Atlanta tonight.

-If Hal Gill was Ryan O'Byrne, he wouldn't be playing.

-Habs need to have slightly more ambition with the puck than just "get it out." It's like the kid who thinks 51% will get him into university.

-Kovalchuk is an absolute beast. The only thing he doesn't do is growl.

-It's official. Those two early posts make Gomez The More Expensive Higgins.

-Lots of Czechs on the ice tonight. I wonder if Hammer, Spacek and Pleks are trash-talking the kid goalie in his mother tongue?

-Anybody else think the training camp plan of Martin to have the D jump up into the offence seems really, really unrealistic at this point?

-I'm guessing if this is turns out to be a goalie duel, the Czech versus the Slovak is as big as Billy the Kid versus Pat Garrett in their minds.

-Latendresse sucks harder than a teenager with his first girlfriend this season. The game's going to have a hickey.

-Bergeron said today he's not trying to be Andrei Markov. Hamrlik should take that to heart himself. He's doing great, but trying to be a little too Markov on the PP.

-Still haven't seen the allegedly terrifying shot by Bergeron. Do we have to wait until Halloween?

-D'Agostini looks like he finally got around to reading Newton's first law.

-I wonder what it will take for Gainey to re-sign Plekanec before he ends up on a division rival? Sometimes his somnambulism kills me.

-Gionta's like the food they send to space with astronauts: compact, but lots of nutrition. The man can shoot!

-Biggest problem with Pacioretty is he can't hit the net. If he recalibrates the scope, he'll be fine.

-Anyone notice when the Habs goalie has two choices of defencemen to whom to pass, he almost always picks Gorges? Interesting.

-Halak looks solid. He's going to have to keep it up, because this team isn't exactly Les Glorieux anymore.


Unknown said...

hahaha best game blog evver

Shan said...

Nice notes. (I think you meant to type "should not" regarding Bergeron and Gill playing together)

Hmm. Is this the start of a turnaround? I don't want to start hoping, since I am pretty sure they're still destined to miss the postseason.

punkster said...

"singleminded as a two-year-old begging for cookies"...HA! Your best line of the week, and it's early. Nice job J.T.

~czechtacular said...

"Gill's now inherited my Most Hated Hab title. It's been vacant since David Aebischer."
ouch, poor Aebi.

"I wonder what it will take for Gainey to re-sign Plekanec before he ends up on a division rival?"
drugs, and lots of them. Or an imposter.

Scott in Montreal said...

Metropolit will be back. Bergeron with his first game under his belt. A win to put the wind in their sails. I say Lines 4, 3, and defence do most of the scoring in a 6 to 3 rout of the NYI tomorrow.