Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Habs vs. Pens: Swine Flu Edition

Notes on the third:


-Habs defence is just not up to Crosby. Maybe with Markov. But without...

-Pleks! Gotta love that guy. If anyone debates he was the Habs' best player tonight, he's just here for an argument. No, he's not. He is! He's not! I can't argue anymore, unless you pay! I did pay! No, you didn't.

-Price on Friday? Just guessing.

-6 and 6 on the year without Markov. Should we be worried or excited? I'm going with nonchalant. You can't win 'em all.

Notes on the second:

-Jeez, RDS! Do you have to ask Crosby about his *first* goal?! He's only got the one. Or he did, when they interviewed him. Did Lavoie know something we don't? Mom always said hockey was fixed.

-Speaking of Sid, I wonder if he's lost it yet? What?! I meant his Cup ring, of course.

-Gill's the opposite of an object in your side-mirror: Smaller than he appears.

-Except for the PP magic of Jeff Tambellini, the PK seems to have picked it up quite a bit.

-Bergeron out against Crosby is like a six-year-old who likes fire given a lighter and a dry house.

-And, speaking of MAB, can we NOT have him playing a regular shift? When he's out there on D, it's like his partner is the two-legged guy in a three-legged race.

-I hope at least one of those hats had lice in it. Itch, Sid, itch.

-Plekanec: Could I buy a linemate, Pat?

Notes on the first:

-Energetic start. But you get the feeling the Pens are just waiting.

-You have to give Crosby credit. Two years ago he couldn't win a faceoff to save his life. He consulted every guy who's good at them, and now he's over 55%.

-Four-letter word I'm yelling at the TV? GILL!

-Lats: The Most Interesting Man In the World.

-Reason 417 why I like Travis Moen: Under pressure, he lifted the puck neatly out of the zone. That would NOT have happened last year.

-Andrei Kostitsyn has a lot of potential for a lot of things, but passing on the fly isn't among them. He passes like he's ditching Sergei's stash.

-They just can't get away with poking at the puck instead of hitting people in their own zone. The Pens are better pokers.

-The RDS feed is confusing me. It looks like the officials are extra Penguins.

-Glen Metropolit has seven NHL teams on his resume. Were the other six GMs blind? The guy has a golden heart, iron will and backbone of steel. He's a bloody open-pit mine on two skates.

-No offense to Gomez fans, but I wish Gainey could have traded that package for Jordan Staal instead.

-Chipchura's like the guy who knows his platoon will be blown to hell, so he puts his head down and charges, then is shocked to see he's made it across the field.

-All in all, not a bad period. But they're going to have to shove one past Fleury somehow, and soon.


pfhabs said...


-out most of the night but caught the 3rd period

-seems they're good against Atlanta, Isles (although they sneaked by on game #2 with the Isles)and a sub par Lundquist

-7 to 1 against the Canucks and 6 to 1 against the defending champs...want to guess the Chicago outcome ?

-12 games in and the experiment seems to be OK against average performances and bad teams...against the elite, well lets just say a parade this year should be on no one's itinerary

-looking forward to all the "it's only 1 game" comments...

Unknown said...

Well, as appose to other years we are having some consistency so far this year. In the past we could pick up a win against Pit, then lose against NYI the next game.

The habs had a good first half of the game. Flower played really well, and kept the habs out of it.

If we keep this consistency up, and show some improvement as the season progresses things will be looking up.

Scrape our way to 10th without Markov, then watch us climb when he returns. I am being overly positive with this post :)