Saturday, October 3, 2009

Habs vs. Sabres - Game Two

Notes on OT:

-Gionta! Another guy on pace for 82 this year. I'm loving him and I'm loving this team.

-Habs' record of spoiling home openers this year: 2-0.

-Price is back.

Notes on the third:

-I think when Markov went home, he took the PP with him.

-Poor Plekanec. He just can't get rid of the anchor that is Andrei Kostitsyn. If Martin sees what I see, Gionta and Cammalleri would be playing with Pleks.

-Latendresse is like tonsils. You have them, but you don't know why, and you don't die if they're cut out.

-If O'Byrne is out for any length of time, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Dandenault return on a one-year, minimal deal.

-THIS is why Moen was invisible in the pre-season. If a guy played like this in the pre-season, he'd be dead by the time the real thing started.

-Seems like Lats and Lappy have lost that lovin' feelin'.

-Considering the fact that this group of players met three weeks ago and have been dealt a possibly fatal blow to the roster as soon as the season started, you have to like their character.

Notes on the second:

-Has it crossed anyone else's mind to wonder if Taylor Hall is really as good as they say he is? And whether he could be ready to play in the NHL next year?

-At least they've got each other's backs so far this season, which is more than we could say last year when Gorges was twitching on the ice all alone.

-One thing that'll help fill the gap Markov's left is Price. If he's confident and handling the puck well, he can be a big asset to the D. I've seen him make a couple of nice passes tonight.

-I'm officially launching the EPN (Extend Plekanec NOW) Campaign. Do you hear that, Bob? Don't let another one go for nothing. Every time I see a Hab in rapid forward motion, it turns out to be #14.

-The Curse of the Centennial continues. Markov, now O'Byrne and Metro. At this rate, we'll have the Cincinnati Cyclones playing by December 4.

-Any chance Latendresse, Pacioretty and Kostitsyn have been watching Moen out there? Because THAT'S how you use your body to win games. Dude's on pace for 82 goals.

-If Spacek was the Sabres' best D last year, I'm starting to not be surprised they missed the playoffs. Unless it's all just nerves at playing his former team.

-Kostitsyn. Getzlaf. If I could have one do-over in the last decade, that'd be it.

-Martin's going to stroke out at the next call against the Habs. He's getting progressively more twitchy as this one's gone on.

-The Habs are alive. I'll take that much for now.

Notes on the first:

-First game without the General and so far the troops are considering full retreat.

-Habs had the push-back of a boiled noodle for most of that period.

-Hamrlik will be better when he scrapes the rust off, right? I've got an SOS he can borrow.

-I thought Hal Gill was supposed to be a great PK guy. So far, with three PP goals against in four periods, I'm not feeling it.

-Watching O'Byrne and Gorges together is like watching a pair of teenaged sailors on their first shore leave at the whorehouse: nervous, uncertain and in too much of a hurry.

-Gorges in Markov's spot on the PP didn't look like a guy who's scored a grand total of six NHL goals.

-Wow...who knew tofu has magical properties that improve your ability to play hockey? Laraque actually looks like he deserves an NHL job.

-Amazing what a shot of confidence can do for you. Pleks has his mojo back and he's going to make Gainey regret the one-year contract.

-Gionta shoots more than Bonnie and Clyde. Thankfully.

-Price is holding them in again. 12-5 shots on goal in Buffalo's favour doesn't have everything to do with missing Markov. Time for the first line to do something.

-Speaking of which, so far I'm not loving Gomez. Usually when I say that in the first, the guy scores in the second. Here's hoping the trend continues.


Arune Singh said...

I just discovered this blog and I gotta say, you may have the BEST Habs blog online (tied with H !/O).

Keep up the great work

sheldon said...

Bang on about Moen, I was wondering why i did not notice him in preseason, and now i know why!

And the wicked awesome quote, "Dude's on pace for 82 goals", love it . I sent the it as a text message immediatley after his goal, great minds JT, great minds.

AK looked lost, i am worried , I know its early , but ... he looked flat and unmotivated.

Unknown said...

Love your blogs! Keep up the great work!

I have been watching Taylor Hall for a few season and in my fully biased opinion, I really think he is the real deal. He can score (some highlights reel ones too), he's super speedy, he gets put out for penalty killing, powerplays, and he even hits. I think getting cut from the WJ last year and the death of much loved team captain, Mickey Renaud, add to his character. Again, this is all my biased opinion on my favourite junior player.