Monday, October 26, 2009

Isles vs. Habs: Game 11

Notes on the third and OT:

-Seems someone on the Habs' bench has trouble counting. Or maybe The Knife has an extra digit somewhere?

-Travis Moen is the guy you go to when your car ain't runnin' and you need a guy with duct tape and a can of grease.

-Benoit Brunet seems to be on a very intimate, first-name basis with Latendresse. Could it be love?

-You have to admit, it was very sporting of the Habs to give the Isles every possible chance to get back into this.

-Pleky end-to-end! Sign him up, Bob. NOW!

Notes on the second:

-It's going to be interesting to see if the Habs can continue to play their game when they don't have last change on the road. It'll be harder for the first line then.

-Chipchura looks like he stuck his finger in a light socket and got shocked back into being an NHL hockey player. CLEAR!

-One thing I like about Jacques the Knife? He's not ragging on the refs and rolling his eyes on every penalty call. Sorry, Carbo, but that just cost you more trouble.

-Hamrlik's hidden talent: He's the best Hab at bouncing the puck nonchalantly off his stick to the linesman.

-I think Bergeron's fairy godfather is Doug Harvey, and he's suddenly occupying his protege's headspace. Where the hell did MAB learn to play decent D in the last two days? The play on the odd man rush during the 4-on-4 was lovely.

-This just in: Price isn't playing until Halloween, when he gets to debut the Grim Reaper mask against the leafs.

-If Cammalleri was four inches taller, he'd be a typhoon on skates. As it stands, he's still a pretty darn destructive nor'easter.

-Can't keep taking penalties and not drawing any. Islanders ARE still an NHL team, despite their record.

Notes on the first:

-Andrei Kostitsyn might be having a slow start, but he does that every year. The difference this season is he looks happy. I think Sergei's absence means he actually has to interact with other people on the team.

-I heard Plekanec is willing to sign for three years, 3.75 per season, a no-trade clause and a couple of NHL-calibre wingers. But if Gainey counters with just the wingers, he'll take it.

-Least favourite NHL habit: The dangling mouthpiece. That's just gross.

-I saw Latendresse almost beat out an icing. As Ovechkin would say, "SWEA TA GAHD!"

-Why have so many teams given up on Glen Metropolit? He's like the butter on your toast or the syrup on your ice cream.

-After the playoffs two years ago, it pleases me to see Martin Biron suffer.

-Nice pinch by Spacek. He's playing about 130% better than he did against the Rags.

-Jaro wants to play the Pens.


Anvilcloud said...

Thanks. I missed most of the game. I always check anyway, but it was very handy this time especially.

Howard said...

Plekanec looked like he was doin the "Blue Danube" waltz down the right wing. Kostitsyn on the other hand looks like he's cruising up the Dnieper admiring the scenery and got interrupted by a hockey game!

DB said...

Looks like the boys are channeling the 93 Habs

Ed said...

I'm glad you mentioned the dangling mouthpiece. It's just a bad habit a lot of them have acquired, as they can skate a full shift with it in place, but then have to let it dangle if they score a goal. Come on guys, keep that mouthpiece in your mouth.

JT, I'm happy that Plekanec is rewarding you for your ongoing confidence in him. He is playing with a lot of confidence right now, & is being rewarded for his hard work. I love the way he kicked that puck ahead last night, then skated by Streit, & passed to Hamrlik for the winning goal. It will be a shame if Gainey does not resign him before he becomes a free agent.

Patrick said...

Brunet is really doing a poor job, with consistency.

I used him the other day in a class of French (I'm a teacher) to explain to the students that they should read more and listen less to such crap as RDS is. (For instance, instead of saying "difficile" or "compliqué", Brunet will say "dicile" and "compiqué", skipping the middle syllable making him sound like some retard or ti-coune.)

Brunet calls every French player by their first name (so add Lapierre, Laraque and Bergeron here). It's so unprofessionnal--and leaning toward pure amateurism.

I must confess that I prefer by far wathcing hockey on CBC.