Thursday, October 1, 2009

Overture, Curtains, Lights, This Is It...

The Habs, at this moment, are better off than they were last year. They've successfully emerged from the pre-season festivities relatively unscathed, as compared to last year, when they limped up to the starting line. But I'm a little nervous about tonight's opener.

The leafs have an easy job. They just have to come out and pound people. That's all their boss is asking of them. The Habs have it a little tougher. They have to be fast, exciting and disciplined. They have to put up some points and even though everyone says they don't expect anything from this year's team...they really do. We expect our Habs to win. Especially in TO. And we expect our goalie to play like a brick wall, and our forwards to score on every PP. That's why I've got some butterflies. I know it'll take twenty games or so before we have an idea what the real team looks like...but I'm hoping they scrape out a win against the leafs anyway.

Regardless of what happens tonight, though, I'm glad the real thing is starting. And I'm glad all the rhetoric of training camp is behind us. Which reminds me, here are the top ten words or phrases from camp I never want to hear again for the rest of the year:

10. "Tough to play against."

9. "Bonding."

8. "Jelling."

7. "Leaders will emerge."

6. "Guys are getting along great."

5. "A guy doesn't need a "C" on his chest."

4. "It'll take some time."

3. "Learning a new system."

2. "Finding our roles."

and the number one thing I'm glad we don't have to hear again:

1. "Teen Ranch."

So, here we go, boys and girls. Off to the 101st season. Check back in the first intermission for notes on the period. Wheeeeee!!!


24 Cups said...

JT - There is so much I could say about all of your recent posts but there's only so much time. Suffice to say that the quality of your writing is beyond compare. What a pleasure to visit this site and read such high class journalism.

DB said...

Just heard some Hab interviewed. He said "It takes some time to learn a new system and figure out your role. I wasn't sure about the Teen Ranch, but the guys got along great. We built bonds and really jelled as a team, so we'll be tough to play against. It doesn't really matter if a guy has a "c" on his chest cause the leaders are emerging."

J.T. said...

@24: Thanks!

@DB: Very funny.

Patrick said...

Overexposure creates a flood of rhetorical cheap toys.

The other day, I wanted Mike Cammelleri to answer somthing like this, very zen-master-like :

"Well, you know, after all, it's a very simple game, and there's a point where there's nothing left more to say about it. No words will replace actual hockey. You got that, you cheap pop journalist? Stop asking the same questions over and over again and you might get a different answer. Sometimes I feel like I'm playing fetch with a dog."

punkster said...

J.T....look forward to reading your game summaries. Each a gem.

Patrick...even my dog gets tired of chasing the same stick. Insists I mix it up a bit with the ball and the squeaky toy.