Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sens vs. Habs - Kovy's Return

Notes on the third:

-Is it going to be like this all year? Playing well, but not quite well enough?

-Oh well, at least there's Battle of the Blades tomorrow.

-Poor Gionta. He just bounces off people. Why are the biggest hearts so often in the smallest bodies?

-Speaking of which, I wonder if the Habs ever ask the oldtimers to come teach some real tricks of the trade to the modern guys? I bet Henri Richard could teach Gionta and Cammalleri how to beat some of the bigger players they face.

-Any chance Martin could tell Moen there's a cow a-needin' milkin' in front of the net?

-D'Agostini showed signs of life. Admittedly as much as a coma victim blinking twice for yes, but still. Baby steps.

-So far, Gainey's chemistry experiment is not winning him an invite to the national exhibition. The clock has to be ticking on his tenure as GM by now.

-I think Martin's discovered Carbo's Line-O-Matic in a closet in the coach's room. This is not a good thing. It's like a kid finding a coke can full of oil.

-Five in a row. I hope Timmins is spending a lot of time at Taylor Hall's games.

-This team is no fun. At all.

Notes on the second:

-Hamrlik is earning his money since he got his sea legs under him.

-The guys on the bench look either really intense or really constipated. Hey! Maybe that's where all the goals went!

-Habs fans cheering an assist on a 5-on-3 AGAINST their own team really deserve what they get.

-They're going to have to start doing IQ tests as part of their pre-draft screening. How smart do you have to be to understand and execute the command "Go to the net?" Yeah, I'm talking to you, Lats.

-Plekanec is rocking the faceoff circle this year. He's turning into such a reliable player.

-You can add Michalek to the list of really good players out of the first round from 2003. Sigh.

-Does whatever substance Hal Gill is made of shatter on contact?

-If the Habs' first trio were a children's book, they'd be "The Little Line That Almost Could." Unfortunately, they wouldn't quite get to the summit of the hill before the train started rolling backwards and the children would get no toys. Even more unfortunately, they're lugging eighteen million dollars' worth of toys between them.

-The PPs will make the difference in this game. Habs got nothing on a two-man advantage, while the Sens capitalized.

-One positive: Habs didn't let down in the second as has been their wont this season.

-If I trusted Price more, I might brace for a comeback. As it stands, I'll flip my Centennial loonie.

Notes on the first:

-I wondered if I'd boo or cheer Kovalev, but I really can't decide because I feel nothing for him. I don't care where he is or what he does, so I'd probably not care enough to boo OR cheer him. Tonight he's just another ex-Hab with something to prove. It *is* annoying to see Montreal fans continue to fawn over him though.

-Speaking of the Centennial Sacrifices, Carbo looks pretty relaxed on HNIC. He's trying to be very diplomatic, but he couldn't resist the bit about Kovalev not listening in team meetings.

-Unbelievable the entire country except Quebec is getting the lousy leafs game. Oh well, if the Habs suck badly it could be good for comic relief.

-Gionta for captain: He's the only guy to tap the flag-waving kids on the way out of the gate.

-Nice they can still bring guys like Beliveau and the Pocket Rocket out for special presentations. I wonder who they'll call in twenty years? Mathieu Dandenault?

-This team couldn't score with a crisp hundred in a crackhouse. How many excellent chances did they fail to cash in that period?

-Kostitsyn shoots less than a Quaker.

-I don't trust Price. The team is much, much better in their own zone in the last couple of games but there's always a feeling that every little mistake will end up in the net. A goal on three lousy shots isn't good enough, kid.

-Max Pacioretty isn't even a reasonable hand-drawn facsimile of an NHL power forward. Ugh.

-First thing I've liked about Hal Gill so far: his bodily removing a dangling Alfredsson from the Habs zone.

-I thought Laraque didn't play terribly in that period.

-Finally! Cammalleri. Now, do that thirty-nine or so more times and we're looking good.

-Excellent, dominating first period for the Habs. Let's see if the Curse of the Second strikes again tonight.


Woodvid said...

How depressing. The cup won't be coming back to Montreal any time soon.

Unknown said...

I don't really trust Price either. Nice to see someone else isn't under the same spell everyone else seems to be under.

I would be great with boring hockey, if the Habs won.

Taylor Hall on the Habs would make up for letting Koivu go. Although it is nice to know Koivu will have a chance to win the Cup!

Darren Bifford said...

I recall the advice, offered before the season began, that we're all supposed to give this new team at least 10 games or so to connect. If the players are working hard, which they seem to be doing, and getting shots on net, then there is decent reason to think good things will start to happen sooner than later. Goal-tending is a different issue, of course. I'd like to see Halak given a real shot to carry this team (no pun intended).

24 Cups said...

Best post I've read in ages. Humourous, articulate, and sadly very true.

Scott in Montreal said...

I agree about the no fun part, but I did miss the first period entirely, so I don't know. I think having a captain might be a good idea, but the problem is we need a home-grown talent to be legit as captain - not someone just traded-for or just signed from another organization. Only Markov or possibly Pleks really fits that bill. None of the top players has really got a long history with the organization. Even hold-over players like Hamrlik, Gorges, BGL, AK46, Metropolit, Latendresse and Lapierre have short histories with the organization. The continuity has been so sharply cut that I am having a difficult time even caring anymore.

A Concerned Citizen said...

Interesting point about Beliveau and Richard. The answer would have been Saku Koivu (who they can trot out in 20 years) but for the cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face mentality of the Habs' GM.

HabsInBlood said...

Chill out J.T. So far, the means is there ... just not the end. In the Habs' start last year, it was the complete opposite. Other then the Vancouver game (back to back in different time zones), I have been impressed with the overall effort every game.

A little more confidence, both up front and in goal, and we'll be just fine. The good thing is you know with guys like Pleks, Gionta and Cammy, this team will not let up or give up.

Don't be too hard on Gomez. He's pretty darn good at taking the puck from our goal line to the other teams' blue line with confidence. Once the team gets in sync and we have the blue-line in part figured out, things will improve.

Given that we're 2 and 5, and we don't have a million things to complain about ... well, I take that as a positive sign.