Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Habs vs. Panthers - Gotta Have It Edition

Notes on the third:

-It was way more fun watching them win 6-0. I've noticed a strange absence of uncomfortable heart palpitations when that happens.

-The main problem with Moen on a scoring line is that he only has one move: the dump-in. That means his littler, skilled linemates have to retrieve it off the boards. That rarely works.

-It seems unfair that shootout goals don't count in a goaltenders stats but penalty shot goals do. What's the difference?

-So many Canadiens line changes look like rather than changing on the fly, they're changing on the stroll.

-Sergei Kostitsyn could be a world-class playmaker if he had some linemates who could finish.

-Not much a goalie can do when both of his defencemen are looking for the puck instead of moving guys out of the crease. In that case, the odds are pretty good the other guys will find the puck first.

-The Panthers win because, despite a lack of great skill, they don't take many nights off. The Habs do. That's why, in this statement game, we got an answer we didn't want to hear.

-I hate Florida.

Notes on the second:

-I just noticed "Clammier Camel Hail" is an anagram of Michael Cammalleri. I think there's a secret message in there somewhere. Tomas Plekanec can be made into "someplace tank." We won't go there.

-Gomez is so much better with the puck in a crowd than he is alone. It's as though, faced with a rush of options, his brain explodes.

-So, Hamrlik gets cut on a high stick with no call. Four-minute PP denied. THIS is why there needs to be replay on incidents that cause injury.

-Bergeron doesn't fight hard enough for the puck. Twice I saw him let up instead of really going for it on footraces.

-Maxwell is showing some promise on the Pleks line, although he still reminds me of a newborn foal, all gangly and wide-eyed.

-I'm convinced there's something wrong with Markov. He's just not playing like he can.

-If anybody in the NHL can teach Sergei Kostitsyn what it means to carry a lunch pail to work every day, it's Metropolit.

-That was some beautiful hand-eye coordination by Plekanec. Sign him, Bob!

-I think I'll be chewing my nails down to the bone before this is over.

Notes on the first:

-Walkom back from the head office to the ice is happening because the NHL is desperate for quality refs.

-In Spacek's offical Habs' photo he looks like a demented refugee from Oktoberfest. Bring on the bratwurst!

-I love Moen as much as anybody, but he's like a pickup in a porche showroom on that line.

-Seriously, with all the stylish people in Montreal, can't someone dress Jacques the Knife? He looks like the garbageman bought a suit for his daughter's wedding.

-Spacek would have been great on a firing squad. He shoots for the head every time.

-Gill is to the puck what a wood chipper was to that guy in "Fargo."

-Awful way to end the period, with a penalty with under a second to go.

-I hope that was just a slow start after some unaccustomed time in the sun. Our guys are going to have to step it up if they want the desperately need W tonight.


dusty said...

-First; I totally agree about Markov. He is stinking up the joint. He must be hurt.

-Second; the Habs have no consistent team effort. This must be driving the coaches mad. Actually they are consistent in one area. They make ordinary teams look real good. If I didn't know better I'd say Florida is a terrific team. If not for Halak this game was over after 30 minutes. Looks like 2 wins in a row is their limit.

-So I guess Price starts in Tampa and we're back to win one lose two.....

Anonymous said...

We have the answer, forget the commitment for the playoffs, only playing yoyo...