Sunday, January 17, 2010

Habs vs. Rangers - Need It Edition

Notes on the third:

-Bergeron's begun missing the net with the bomb now. Time to send him to the glue factory.

-My God, this is an awful hockey team. Just awful. Yet, they'll still finish tenth and end up with a nobody in the first round again. This is so painful to watch.

-I'm not losing any more sleep over this. There are eight minutes to go and I'm packing it in because I think the Habs have as much chance of getting this to OT as I do of winning the Nobel Prize in Physics. Sucky game, sucky team.

Notes on the second:

-Nice job tying up Houdini on the Rangers first goal, there Mara.

-I wonder if Wild fans are as disgusted watching Pouliot finally use his size in Montreal as we are at seeing Latendresse do it over there?

-Watching D'Agostini struggle on the Pleks line is like watching Fred and Ginger dance in leg irons.

-Hall "Icing" Gill can be so frustrating to watch handling the puck.

-Bloody hell! Two shorties in two nights? When the PP starts costing you goals, it's time to start declining them. AND, hasn't the Habs D ever heard of taking a "good" penalty and pulling down the guy on the breakaway? For God's sake.

-Markov's looking like hell for the last half-dozen games. I hope it's just the early adrenaline of coming back from the injury wearing off and not a long-term thing.

-Spacek and Hamrlik also looking like crap, especially on the go-ahead goal. And Gorges, who was having a decent night, decides to fall into the Avery trap and get his ass handed to him too.

-I'm sensing a pattern here. Does the Habs entire D suck tonight or what?

-Halak is looking uncharacteristically frantic tonight.

-Not a bad showing with the fisticuffs by Pouliot. So, I guess now that he's a goalscorer, Laraque doesn't do that stuff anymore.

-Habs just collapsed and gave that period away. Unbelievable. Shots on the game are 24-10 for the Rangers. Go System!

Notes on the first:

-The rink looks really dark. They're not accidentally in Jersey, are they?

-I'm sure there's stupider than Avery, but most of it is institutionalized.

-The PP should be wearing a toe tag for identification purposes.

-Czech sausage! Pleks served that up on a platter and Cammalleri found it delicious. I hope he goes for seconds.

-One of the biggest problems the Habs have is having the puck clean on their sticks in their own end, then soft-serving it right to the other team rather than decisively clearing it out. It happened EIGHT times on the first Rangers' PP.

-Mara on a breakaway for comic relief. This game has it all.

-Gionta has incredible hand-eye coordination. And the best part about him being the tiniest man in the NHL is even when he hits it in with a high stick, it isn't above the crossbar.

-It's possible D'Agostini actually has negative value at the moment. He's soon going to have to start paying the Habs for his place in the lineup.

-I think the Rangers are the only team in the NHL that passes the puck worse than the Habs do.

-Nice period, but I expect Tortarella to bust a blood vessel and a couple of vocal cords during the intermission, which might make his team try to tie this up.


Shan said...

You should turn off comment moderation. I'm sure you get a lot of junk and rudeness, but you can delete it afterward. With the game notes, if live comments are allowed, we could discuss this awful team with you as it happens.

Woodvid said...

I stopped watching about a half dozen games ago. I tell you, it's a load off. I still follow how they're doing in the papers, but man it's so much less depressing now that I'm not wasting my time watching the games.

Unknown said...

Sory guys but I don't see our Habs making the playoffs. Better luck next time.... February schedule: Boston twice, Philadelphia twice, Vancouver, Pittsburgh and Washington.
What about some grit on this one seems to be offended by those two losses....
If the rage to win is not there: NO PLAYOFFS!
Not to mention that the road to the playoffs require a tough team that we don't have right now with our small guys...I'm sorry guys but I don't think we'll make it.... I sure wish you still have some faith left....

JT your blog is fantastic!