Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stars vs. Habs - Finally Some Hockey Edition

Notes on the third:

-Price's pretty glove might have saved that game. Maybe some of the "weak glove side" criticisms will start to die down if he does that a couple more times.

-I think the problem with D'Ags on the Pleks line is that he can't pass. Kostitsyn can pass AND shoot. D'Agostini can only shoot, which limits the line's capabilities.

-Can we call that spot in the slot on the PP the G-Spot? Gionta with the deuce!

-I can't believe NHL refs are still fooled by the old "stick your hand under the other guy's arm for a pretend hold" ploy. But, apparently, they are.

-I think the Stars are the only team in the NHL softer on the boards than the Habs. Yay!

-Gomez with the ferocious PK. He's a lion...when he's not being a lamb. Credit to him for standing tall since Christmas, though.

-Nice to see the Cammy-One-Knee special for the insurance. Now Pleks is officially the coldest guy on the team.

-Who knew Laraque would get the team going like that with a goal instead of a fight? Whatever works, I'm just glad they got the two.

Notes on the second:

-Well, there's no doubt the team loves Laraque, even if the rest of us think he's generally an inanimate object. Nice reaction on his first goal as a Hab, from him and his teammates. I didn't think I'd live to see it.

-The pressure's on Cammalleri and Plekanec now. No excuses if even Laraque can score.

-Pouliot makes me really not give a crap how many points Latendresse puts up in Minny. I'll take the speed AND the scoring, thanks.

-Fistric sounds like a Saxon male prostitute's stage name.

-Is that the real Mike Modano, or is that the stuffed and mounted version the Stars keep handy in case the old guy sleeps in? Never mind. It's the real one that still has a fourth-line goal in him.

-Boy, Mara and Gill are an iffy defence pairing.

-The good thing about playing the Stars is the Habs can keep the puck in the offensive end more because the Stars play the same exact "system" the Habs do. They know where the puck's going.

-Spacek can still hit. He's like a pie in the face...kinda goofy, but still blinds you.

-Oh! I just realized. I think the Laraque goal was his first shot of the season. The man has a 1.000 shooting percentage. Put him with Plekanec, stat!

-I wasn't looking forward to a shooting contest with the Stars, but if that's what it takes, I hope our guys get the last shot.

Notes on the first:

-Well, I guess it's good that the Stars won't be immediately spotted the two goals Ribeiro would have gloated about scoring.

-Plekanec keeps passing where AK would be, but Moen didn't get the map.

-The first goal was softer than the kittens in a toilet paper ad. Not a great start for Price. Markov looked like crap on that one too.

-Gionta goes to the net like he's six-foot-nine, two-sixty. His heart must be half of that, at least.

-Robidas. Of course. With Ribeiro out, the OTHER ex-Hab had to hit the score sheet.

-Martin's suit reminds me of a quote from The Game: "I didn't know drab came in so many colours."

-Very uncertain period. Habs need to look like they want to win, and Price has to stop the rest of them.


Anonymous said...

I loved the G-spot and Plekanec passing where AK would be.

About Laraque, it is not 100% it is 50%, remember he shoot twice ?

GK said...

Nah, Laraque had two bangs at it -- SP = .500