Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hab vs. Jackets - Ruby Tuesday Edition

Notes on the third:

-Two words to describe the Canadiens attitude: Ho, and Hum.

-Emailing every move in advance is not going to convince Garon to allow a goal.

-Markov is looking more like a private than a general.

-It's great to know Playoff Gill and Playoff Lapierre and Playoff Spacek exist. Too bad we have to depend on their regular season versions to get the team TO the playoffs in the first place.

-I thought the Jersey game was the worst of the season. Turns out the Habs have even worse in them. It's like thinking fuschia was the worst colour in the world, then discovering puce.

-If an alien came here right now and asked, "What is this thing you're watching?" I could not explain hockey to him.

-When the only question is "will they break the shutout?" it's time to go to bed early.

-Here we are now at the dreaded crossroads. The Plekanec line has cooled off and nobody else...as has been the case all season so far, Gomez lovers...is scoring. What to do?

-Price is doing well, considering that he's got the defensive equivalent of the Belgian airforce in front of him.

-Apparently, a season can't be complete unless there's a healthy measure of abject humiliation included. Way to go, Habs.

Notes on the second:

-The Habs look like ghosts in those whites. Maybe they're still in Halloween mode. Or maybe their physical bodies just aren't there.

-I've always said the stupidest penalty in hockey is the delay-of-game for shooting the puck over the glass. I retract that. It's now the slashing the stick penalty on those stupid, brittle composites.

-Gorges playing goalie, and Price knocking the net off on purpose. Whatever it takes, boys.

-WHEW...Spatch was THAT close to pulling an OB. (Just thinking only Habs fans would know what that means.)

-Just out of curiosity, is there a specific time in the game when they're down 2-0 when they're supposed to start caring?

-The D coverage is sparser than Mariah Carey's clothes.

-Another twenty minutes of suckage for the time capsule. If the time capsule hopes to preserve an anthology of "ways to NOT win a hockey game."

Notes on the first:

-Five minutes into the period, and the Habs look depressed. I don't blame them. What a lousy place to have to play.

-Oh, right, Umberger. It's funny how even the most blazing hatred can burn down to the ashes of indifference when a guy leaves Philly.

-Way to go, Spatch. Taking the first penalty isn't helping your case.

-For those who keep arguing that Gomez is actually playing well, exhibit A: first wave of the PP. Gomez dumps the puck in the corner, can't retrieve it. Then he scrums along the boards and can't dig it out. He passes to Subban in traffic, they lose control and Columbus gets a scoring chance. Finally, he takes a couple of strides in off the right boards and takes a low-percentage shot that's easily stopped and turned back the other way. After the game, it'll show he had a minute of PP time and took a shot. Whoopee.

-Nash's goal froze Price like Bambi. Not good.

-The goal was also evidence that the only time Hal Gill should pinch is when someone says, "Wake me, I'm dreaming."

-Brutal PK breakdown on an unnecessary penalty by Pouliot. Martin looks troubled when he looks at the kid.

-Subban is playing at AHL speed tonight. Twice, he's hesitated long enough for the Jackets to get in his lane and cause trouble.

-RDS drinking game: take a sip every time they say "Price perde la rondelle." Drink the whole think when they say "Ay yi yi."

-Crap period. Habs need to get it together in every aspect of the game.


Anonymous said...

Gomez also did a pretty good job at forechecking in the first PK, was very close to stripping one of the Blue Jackets' defensemen cleanly. Not a great game from him, but hardly a huge problem in this particular game.

Pete from NS said...

The team looked heavily sedated tonight. No fire in the belly. Let's hope they can stoke it before the back to back divisional games coming up.

Tonight we had the had the potency of a decaf latte.

Number31 said...

I just saw 60 minutes of CBJ vs CP. Wait, the Habs were there?


Anonymous said...

All around ugly night. Spatch was his consistently awful self again. Gomez did nothing and Gionta helped him at every turn.

Is Lapierre playing?

You can tell Hal Gill loves Montreal. He's already retired there.

Anonymous said...

Great, great post. Thanks. Funny and strikingly on the mark.