Saturday, November 20, 2010

leafs vs. Habs - Big Night Edition

Notes on the third:

-Eller came so close to scoring his first goal, the equipment guys were about to engrave the date on a plaque.

-Subban is smoother than Sidney Crosby's chest in his own end.

-Pouliot in perfect position for the 2-0 goal, and to absolutely nobody's surprise, he ends up on his ass instead.

-Wouldn't it be glorious if Lacroix announced the Komisarek assist on the Cammalleri goal? Oh well, it was still fun to watch it happen. Who knew the Traitor would be the answer to the PP?

-Kessel misses a gorgous chance and shouts, "Aw, nut."

-Passing the puck backwards like Gomez does has to be one of the most counterintuitive plays in hockey.

-Gill and his stick are heroic tonight.

-Carey Price is amazing. Just freakin' amazing. A little confidence has made him bloom like the first crocus of spring. Both are signs of great things to come.

Notes on the second:

-It looked like the Habs were on the PP for the first ten minutes.

-I don't get the hate for Subban. He's good and he's confident. He's not cheap or dirty. There are a lot of people I could see hating before him.

-Both goalies are playing tight as a drum.

-Halpern with the shorty! He was such a great pick up.

-This is the most the Habs have had the puck all year. Too bad Gustavsson plays his best hockey against the Habs.

-Shot of Bettman and Burke on CBC. Throw in Daly and you've got the trifecta of evil. Bettman looks just like Pee Wee Herman's older brother.

-Twenty more minutes like that, please. I have a feeling one goal won't stand up tonight.

Notes on the first:

-Beautiful ceremony to honour Pat Burns. The Canadiens always do things right.

-And the top-six mix and match continues. Martin figures all the wingers need some time with Plekanec to get a boost. He's like jumper cables.

-Whoever's on the second line in a given night has to step up, though. Without Markov, they need all the goals they can get.

-Great chance by Weber on an Eller set-up. If that kid had linemates with finish, he'd be racking up the points. He must feel like he's back in Denmark.

-Gorges is having an uncharacteristically rocky game.

-If Gomez scored less, he'd qualify to be a Catholic priest.

-What a shock. Bob Cole messes up a penalty call.

-Kaberle gets more flushed than an English schoolboy who just saw the headmistress's panties.

-Great PK, as usual. Habs had more chances than the leafs.

-Kostitsyn played the post like a gong.

-Excellent flurry to end the period. Unfortunately, I'm getting the feeling the Habs will end up getting hosed by Gustavsson and lose on some crappy deflection off Grabovsky's ass.


Anonymous said...

Halpern is turning out to be the kind of signing that wins stanley cups. He provides the kind of leadership and determination that makes everybody else on the team better. He has revived Pouliot's career, and right now Pouliot is playing the best hockey he ever has.

PK is proving to be the best defenceman we have seen since Robinson.

Eller is better than I ever thought he would be. He skates, is hard to knock of the puck and is a force every shift. Once he gets some linemates the points will come. I would love to see a Pacioretty-Eller-Pouliot line either late this year or to start next...

Pete from NS said...

I'm happy because:

We won.

We beat the leafs.

Price got another shutout.

Komi made a great tape-to-tape pass to Cammi for the 2nd goal. (Still laughing about this one).

Most importantly - this team doesn't seem interested in getting into long painful skids. To use a J.T simile, this team bounces back like a bad check. I'm sure you can do better haha.

Howard said...

J.T. Very funny on the Kessel comment. Such bad taste!

Maybe it's the traitors way of saying he's sorry to the people in Montreal. It's hard to believe that the Gill signing was a direct result of his leaving. Who know's maybe he'll come back next year and feed Cammalleri with one-timers!

Anonymous said...

hey Howard Relax!! dont be overly sensitive. I'm sure there was no harm intended. dont get all up in arms about was humor. And in humor not every one shares the same taste.

Howard said...

@Anonymous For what it's worth, I meant it as a joke!