Friday, November 26, 2010

Habs vs. Thrashers - Auld Redux Edition

Notes on the third:

-If Gomez rushes alone into four-man coverage one more time, I'm going to swear so much Santa will strike me off the list.

-Too bad there's no concede rule in the NHL. If one team doesn't give a crap for two periods, it should be allowed to concede the last twenty to avoid hurting fans further.

-When Halpern's playing dumb, there's not much hope for the rest of them.

-Plekanec mugs Kane, then looks surprised when the kid turns on him. Sigh.

-The most pathetic thing I have ever heard is the ten fans in Atlanta being led in the "goodbye" song by the organist.

-I wish Martin would bag skate them until they puke tomorrow, game or no game.

-A perfect chance to gain points on Boston and Philly and they blow it. This is the worst game, by far, this season.

Notes on the second:

-It's a good thing the empty seats in Atlanta aren't white. They'd be so bright, dead people would start to walk toward them.

-You have to like Auld, if only because he has Roy's "wink" on his mask.

-The Habs look like they're spoiled by the Bell Centre crowd. A half-empty building in Atlanta on a Friday night is probably not very inspirational.

-It should be impossible for a guy less than 5'6" to get a charging penalty. It looks more like bouncing.

-No way they're going to beat this goalie by pounding into his pads along the ice.

-Auld whiffed on the second goal like a backup who hasn't played in a month.

-Martin looks like he's passing a sandpaper turd.

-Kostitsyn is making some very pretty passes tonight.

-Non-hocky watching spouse says Oduya's nickname should be "Do Ya Want My Love."

-Well, this one is given up for dead. The Habs might be Lazarus, but I don't see Jesus Christ on the ice.

Notes on the first:

-Must be hard to be a backup goalie who only gets to play once a month. Win and you're only doing your job, lose and there's absolutely no point in your having a job.

-The PP had less gas than Yellowknife.

-Thrashers are clogging up the middle. Don't expect much from Gomez tonight.

-There's about as much flow to this game as there is in a dry gulch.

-Horrible end to the period. I don't know what's worse, giving up a goal with less than a minute to go, the Atlanta goal horn or the fact that they use "Ole" as their goal song.

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Anonymous said...

The worst is the other team was not even trying. It looked like a friendly game between old-timers...
Honestly, I knew after the first goal that this was the end. What a terrible display.