Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sabres vs. Habs - Miller Time Edition

Notes on the third:

-Habs should lock it down this period. They're in the driver's seat, with the driver's coffee.

-Eller and Pouliot have the makings of a nice pairing, when they grow up a bit.

-Miller's amazing, and so is Price, but Price has had better protection tonight.

-Aw. Price whiffed on the shutout after all the great saves. Sometimes it happens, but too bad he couldn't bring it home.

-Pyatt..empty net and STILL can't pot one.

-Nice win. Too bad about the shutout, but the committment from the whole crew was there.

Notes on the second:

-Those half power plays to start a period never work out.

-Seriously, can we get blades for Pouliot's ass? He spends more time on it than on his feet.

-Gorges blocked three shots with no helmet. He's got bigger balls than the NBA.

-Some very interesting, as in scary, moments of not knowing where the hell the puck is by the Habs' D.

-They should have started letting Andrei Kostitsyn throw out first-star pucks years ago. He's angling to get to do it again tonight. Spectacular feed for Gionta, and gorgeous finish by the Captain.

-You know how something can be so cute it becomes hideous, like children's beauty pageants? That's Gomez' passing.

-Somehow, when I see Gill yapping in a scrum, I picture him saying, "Your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries."

-Plekanec back up to point-a-game pace with a fantastic sequence of knocking the puck off the Sabre defender and finding Gio barrelling in. Kostitsyn had better step it up or he won't get his pucks.

-Stupid fight at the end. Cammalleri gets hot, and they know they can provoke him. Good of Moen to step in with the smackdown.

Notes on the first:

-Buffalo's a fast team. No sleepskating tonight.

-Lapierre's penalty was just dumb. He was trying to protect Subban, but the kid's going to have to send his own message sooner or later.

-Seriously, did anyone think Pyatt would score on that breakaway? Okay, anyone except his mom?

-Good things Eller did in that period: Forced a puck-carrying Sabre to back up, and back up, and back up until he skated right out of the Habs' zone, made a beautiful cross-ice pass to Darche (who messed it up) and held the zone to extend a rush. This is going to be a very good player.

-Bad things Spacek did: TWICE in twenty seconds, after Hamrlik successfully fought to get the puck away from three Sabres right next to Price's net, passed it BACK to Hammer in traffic instead of clearing the zone.

-Ha! When the ref announced the Kaleta delay of game penalty, it sounded like he said, "two minutes for the lady gay."

-Kostitsyn should never be separated from Plekanec again.

-Cammalleri totally bitch-slapped Weber.

-Well, there's lots of committment on the Habs' part tonight.

-There will be adjustments in the Buffalo room. Let's hope the Habs are up to withstanding the inevitable onslaught.


moeman said...

Lindy will play rough.

Anonymous said...

Man do the Habs have diffculties to score goals...I read it was 12 scoring chances in the first!
Score? 1-0...yes, better than 0-0 but geeze...

Anvilcloud said...

Chuckle of the night: 'Somehow, when I see Gill yapping in a scrum, I picture him saying, "Your father was a hamster and your mother smelt of elderberries." '

Anonymous said...

A much better effort and result. On the other hand, Gomez is on track to turn Cammalleri into a 15-18 goal scorer.