Thursday, November 11, 2010

Habs vs. Bruins - Big Test Edition

Notes on the third:

-Gio's goal was sweeter than honey lollipops. And Cammalleri's pass was very artistic.

-Jeez...Gill makes Ryder look fast.

-Gomez! Looks like someone found an oasis in that desert.

-Pleky's picking corners on Rask's head.

-Hamrlik is having a very fine game tonight.

-You can tell Martin's excited when they're winning because he turns redder in the face than an alkie.

-So, this is what it's like to have a functional PP and Gomez and Gionta scoring. I like it!

Notes on the second:

-Gomez on the intermission interview. Could he look like he gives less of a damn?

-Lapierre is getting a really bad rap for the diving. Sometimes, I think he's not even doing it on purpose, but he's getting nailed for it anyway.

-The biggest problem with the two-ref system is the number of times they get in the way and screw up a breakaway.

-If Price had a theme song so far this year, it'd be "Like a Rock."

-A friend watching the game with me says the main issue with Lapierre on the Gomez line is "the Duh factor." He's too dumb for that line.

-Why does Cammalleri think he can carry the puck all alone, with four Bs converging on him? It's like the Charge of the Light Brigade, with similarly tragic results.

-Great play-by-play line by Cuthbert: "He's enveloped by Hal Gill."

-Gomez is working like a Clydesdale with a cartload of Bud tonight. If he keeps it up, the points will come.

-Damn! Too bad Halpern turned his skate like that.

-Maybe Cammalleri should have less time flipping tires this summer and more practicing his shot.

-Pouliot and Eller look like first-round picks tonight.

-Whatever happens in the third, the first two periods have made for a helluva game.

Notes on the first:

-Is it a requirement for all Bruins to look like cavemen? I'll be their dressing room walls have some great finger paintings of stick figures on them.

-Rask, Seguin and a lottery pick in 2011. Three more reasons to hate the leafs.

-Martin looks like he cut his own hair tonight.

-The game starts with the third line hemming the Bs in their own zone, then the second line comes out and immediately gives up the territory. Could NHL teams start a peer tutoring program?

-Kostitsyn can't let Bergeron push him off the puck. A tank like him needs to be immovable.

-Habs passing looks like their sticks are made of pipe cleaners.

-Subban saves the PP!

-Non-hockey watching spouse in response to Pierre McGuire's comment that Cammalleri's remaining positive through his slump. "You can rent a cheerleader for cheap, and it doesn't count against the cap."

-Markov looks like he's pulling up on the end boards to avoid getting hit. Maybe a bit gun-shy.

-You could see the Bruins goal coming a mile away. There's just no excuse for that kind of breakdown.

-Not a bad period, but the Bruins are just so much more aggressive it's going to be tough to bring this one home.


Peter said...

Now THAT was fun :)

I just adore beating the Bruins.

Anonymous said...

Great game, playoff level effort by all. Even the Bruin play-by-play guys were less obnoxious than usual and actually had some nice things to say about the Habs. I was shocked.

Pouliot looks really good and provides some hitting which is most welcome. With Eller, AK46, Price (who's starting to look like a bargain) and Pyatt, the young guys are looking good. The Flyer game should be a beauty.

Anonymous said...

Oops, forgot to mention Subban among the young guys. My only excuse is that he is no surprize after his terrific playoff performance.