Monday, November 22, 2010

Habs vs. Flyers - Rematch Edition

Notes on the third:

-Of course, it would be Giroux. RDS guys are crying.

-The Habs have to be the most easily-pokechecked team in the league.

-I, and the Habs, are having flashbacks of last playoffs.

-This is exactly the kind of game in which it costs too much to have a second-line centre with six points.

-The difference between the Habs and the Flyers power plays: Someone in godawful orange is always in front of the goalie.

-Horrible coverage by P.K. on the go-ahead goal. He took himself out to make a point with a big hit and couldn't get back. They're in his head.

-You have to give credit to Price. Despite everything, he gives his team a chance. If his highway robbery on that 2-on-1 couldn't inspire his mates, nothing could.

-Against a team like Philly, you sometimes have to play dump-and-chase, and the Habs don't have the horses to do it. Or, if they do, they're not on the same line. Or they're in the pressbox. Or Hamilton.

-Lapierre's stick is gone cold.

-I understand the theory behind dressing Weber, but it doesn't work well in practice. Kind of like communism.

-I haven't seen the stats on faceoffs, but if the Habs won one, it was out of pity.

-It's silly, but I really don't want Martin to pull Price. They haven't scored on the PP all night, and the only bit of comfort Price can take from this game is that the team hasn't given up four goals in a game all year. Don't blow it, Jacques.

-Well, that sucked. Not much worse than blowing a 2-0 lead against the Flyers. Sigh.

Notes on the second:

-Flyers seem to be diving a bit. Leino looked like he jazzed up that Hamrlik hook just a tad.

-Pyatt's no Lapierre when it comes to the offence, but he's Jarvis-like on the PK.

-Lappy figures, what the hell, shoot it from centre. With the luck tonight, it might work. And a post on what could have been the hat-trick goal!

-Whoa, close call on the Flyer come-back post on the PP.

-The Old Guards are playing some very find D tonight. Even Spacek looks like he turned back the clock a few years.

-Boucher's handling the puck like he's got garden rakes on the ends of his arms. Habs need to push harder in the Philly end.

-Pouliot is using his size and looking like a first-round pick tonight.

-Perfect shot on the Leino goal. At least it's a Flyer I don't hate yet.

-They really have to find out why Pouliot falls down so much. It's just weird.

-You can really hear the expletives on the left-corner mic near Price.

-Uh oh. It felt like the Habs were saved by the siren at the end there. Twenty-one to FOUR shots on goal? They'd better smarten up in the third.

Notes on the first:

-Ugly Flyers. And I thought the Bruins were cavemen.

-Gionta is playing an uncharacteristically tentative game.

-Gomez and Cammalleri in the corner: a $13-million pas de deux.

-Lapierre on an end-of-shift break is thinking "Oh, God, do I have to?"

-Both coaches wearing their team colour-coordinated ties. In Martin's case, we know it was an accident. Laviolette actually believes it works.

-Eller with the fire. He's not impressed with the Briere Olympic Diving tryout.

-Ha ha! As my buddy watching with me said, "Now Lapierre can grin that shit-eating goal-scorer's grin all night."

-Gomez has a lovely view of the play moving around him as he stands there in his own end. Must be like being at the centre of a kaleidescope.

-Lappy AGAIN! Gorgeous play by Pouliot to set up the shot, but a nicer tip by Meszaros.

-Well, I hope P.K.'s watching his back if the next period goes like that one.

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Number31 said...

Double sigh...

I want the Habs from the first period back please. Well, preferably one with a Cammalleri that tries to actually score on an opening faceoff breakaway... I blame the Angry Birds.