Friday, November 5, 2010

Habs vs. Sabres: Bonfire Night Edition

Notes on the third:

-I like Gorges with Markov. They're both smart players with complementary skills.

-If Cammalleri is arguing that that's not holding, he's probably also arguing with God that he's not short.

-The thing with Price is, he doesn't have to *make* himself big. He IS big. He just has to not make himself small.

-The PP is like a fat spinster; hoping to get some, but pretty sure it won't.

-The good thing about Gill is when he falls in the D-zone, he's got a 50/50 chance of covering the puck.

-Martin has the weirdest ears ever. The tops turn out like the handles on a sugar bowl. Sugar Bowl Martin.

-Nice D at the end of the period. They can crush the life from a game when they want have to give them that.

Notes on the second:

-It's great that the Halpern line is scoring. It sucks that the Halpern line is the ONLY line scoring.

-How is it that the Bruins seem to ALWAYS have played five fewer games than the Habs?

-AK46 looked to his left on the 2-on-1, saw Gomez, sighed and took the shot.

-Price is the Black Knight tonight. "None shall pass!"

-Not smart to let Kaleta take out both Markov and Gorges. That's his job, and the Habs can't let themselves be suckered into falling for it. Especially not with blind refs calling the game.

-The whole problem for the Habs is their passing. It's bad. Fix it and you'll see a different team. Well, that, and actually hitting the net when they shoot.

-Markov's not himself. I don't know who he is, but I don't like that guy.

-Nice move by Pouliot. I'd say it's time to take him out of fourth-line purgatory, but that would only put him in Gomez hell.

-AK couldn't hit the floor if he passed out tonight.

-RDS on the Poo-Poo go-ahead: Quelle SNAP! Indeed!

-Better period, but not by much. The D are still looking like they already set their clocks back.

Notes on the first:

-Completely without having seen any of these pairs together, I really like the idea of Gorges with Markov and Subban with Gill. It makes perfect sense to those of us who pulled our hair out watching Gorges save Gill's ass every night.

-Games without Pleks are like baked potatoes without sour cream.

-You know who sucks this year? Lapierre.

-Good for Eller to have Cammalleri on his wing. Bad for Eller to also have Moen.

-Gill handles the puck like Paul Bunyan handled trees.

-Gomez sent the train to the station. AK46 failed to jump on board.

-Good thing the PK is working or the Habs would be so far north of shit creek they'd have frostbite.

-Decent rush, Gomez has the puck, he leaves it for a Sabre to avoid a hit. He's doing that waaaay too much this year.

-It's 8:05. Do you know where YOUR power play is?

-Spacek is the worst defenceman in the world. There are insomniac grannies who play better D than him.

-Halpern, on the other hand, was a genius pickup. He's now got more goals than Cammalleri, Gomez and Gionta. Take note, expensive ones.

-Mediocre period, but at least they're not getting totally killed here. Time to step it up in the second and justify Price's good work.

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Pete from NS said...

It was good to see the intensity increase over the course of the game. Sometimes the Hockey Gods smile upon you and give you a few goals (that perhaps came a little easy) and help stop a skid. The game had pockets of wildness - but the overall pace wasn't breakneck - should be lots in the tank for tomorrow.

Cammy needs adjust his targeting systems.

Good to see Pouliot getting on the board - his discouragement was pretty tangible.

Price had a few incredible series of saves. He's looking great.

Watching Jacques Martin get furious always weirds me out - like watching Spock feel emotions in that classic Star Trek episode. Martin's ears are a little pointed.....

A good win.