Saturday, November 13, 2010

Whalers vs. Habs - Rookie of the Year Edition

Notes on the third:

-Suddenly everyone's playing D like they have defensive super powers. If that's Martin's doing, then I have seriously underestimated the love child of ALF and the Gumper.

-Gill's playing a hell of a game. He and his partner, the ten-foot stick, have been great.

-Price laughing with PK after making a fantastic save. It looks like PK thinks Price is a superhero. I'm starting to think he's not wrong.

-Wouldn't it be awful for PK to make a fantastic check like he did at the 9-minute mark, and while the crowd was chanting "PK, PK", give it away? I hope that never happens.

-Oh NOOOO! Don't tell us Markov's hurt again?! May you never enjoy the pleasure of a woman again, Staal, if that's true.

-If Plekanec had lived in ancient Rome, he'd be worshipped as a god. Andrei Kostitsyn is his first disciple.

-Darche! Great to see a plumber rewarded. Especially when he's the lowest-paid plumber in Montreal. Literally. Check the hourly rates of those guys.

-A friend watching the game with me said the Habs looked like they were in the All-Star game for half the night.

-Camera close-up on the kid who caught Pleks' first toss of a first-star puck. The kid was flipping out. THAT makes the whole gimmick worth it.

Notes on the second:

-The Bell Centre PA guy should throw some marching tunes in the rotation to accompany the penalty parade.

-Dumb penalties will be the story of this game, and the 'Canes are on the board because Cammalleri took one. I do love how Lacroix sounds depressed when he reads out the Carolina goal info, though.

-Okay, who was supposed to have Kostopolous in the slot? I'm guessing Gomez who was looking like he had no clue what he was doing on the ice at the time.

-Sometimes I wonder if Plekanec would like to beat some of his linemates with a broken stick.

-Just as I write that, Gio roofs one in glorious, first-century Hab tradition.

-And just as I write THAT, Lapierre pulls a spinerama to end all spineramas. Even PK could learn from that.

-Pouliot! This is an embarrassment of riches.

-PK just unravels people.

-Anybody notice Kostitsyn hasn't scored since he was taken off Plekanec's line? Jacques?

-Great last six minutes. Habs need twenty more of those.

Notes on the first:

-The 'Canes are the perfect foil for momentum. Hope the Habs play a different character against these guys than they usually do.

-That Skinner kid is really something. How could all those scouts get that wrong?

-PhD line plays the "Full steam ahead, shoot on the net" style. They should give classes.

-Canes PP is aggressive with lots of movement. Dumb penalties will decide this game if the Habs don't smarten up.

-Plekanec is more valuable than copper pipe.

-Price has saved more than Scrooge tonight.

-Cammalleri! He has risen!

-Love those last-minute goals when the good guys get them.


Patccmoi said...

Wonder if for Lapierre, that will be 'The Goal' haha. A guy that scores most of his goals by wrap around, when not behind the net, just wraps around in front!

Humberto said...

AK gets a goal with Plekanec on the powerplay, Jaques should pay attention

Jay in PA said...

Just watched video of the Staal hit. Looked so dirty to me that it makes me want the league to institute rules that result in eye-for-an-eye punishment for things like that. The only one that could possibly fly is having the injuring team just be saddled with the cap hit of the player who is lost. I'd rather something like having the offending player *or* a player with an equivalent salary sit until the injured player skates again, at the discretion of the team suffering the injury. That way, if your scrub takes out our star, we get to make your star sit until our guy skates. You'll see a whole lot less of this crap happen, then.

Neither rule change will ever happen, at least not until someone takes out Crosby's knee, at which point NBC will mandate that the league does something or risk having NBC switch to broadcasting the PBR Bull Riding Championships every Sunday after football season ends. Then the league will "get tough" on hits that present clear intent to injure, for sure.