Sunday, February 6, 2011

Devils vs.Habs - Football Edition

Notes on the third:

-Okay. Cue the massive comeback!

-Bet Lemaire wishes he was coaching the Habs instead. Except without the media. There's just something wrong about seeing him and Robinson behind the Devils bench. Whatever happened to passing the torch?

-Gio missed that open net like Creationists miss the truth.

-Looked like that Pax tip was a goal, on the reply. It's surprising they didn't even go upstairs.

-One thing you have to credit them: they never quit. Even after playing yesterday, they're still giving it everything they've got left.

-It's funny that RDS pronounces "Zharkov" as "Jack-off."

-Five minutes in a hockey game make the world of difference. At least the team tried like hell after that first brutal five.

Notes on the second:

-That Kovalchuk line is Kryptonite for the Habs together.

-Subban got over his reluctance to shoot and whammo! Puck? Meet twine.

-You know who doesn't get enough credit? Yannick Weber. He's the same age as P.K., and obviously not as prodigiously talented, which does him a disservice in comparison. In his own right, as an NHL rookie, he's doing really well.

-Gomez upended along the boards and not a call in sight. Refs are thinking ahead to the Superbowl too.

-Kostitsyn gets poke(checked) more often than Elton John.

-The Habs are pushing. Crazy prediction of winning this continues.

Notes on the first:

-Crap. That didn't take long. Gill looked awful on that.

-Less than five minutes in and down two goals. Subban and Gill already -2 and the refs calling nothing. This is going to be a very, very long afternoon.

-You know it's not a good sign when it looks like there are twice as many Devils on the ice as Habs.

-Naturally, a penalty. It never rains, never mind. This is a bloody snowstorm.

-Price is fighting the puck like a six-year-old fights bedtime.

-The boys look like they're thinking ahead to the rockin' Superbowl party at Gomer's after the game. I wonder if Gill figured out what to bring?

-Is it just me, or is Lemaire looking more and more like Lamoriello every year?

-A lightbulb has come on over Pacioretty's head, and it's neon and flashes the words "power forward."

-Subban looks afraid to shoot on the PP. He's got to get bolder.

-I say that, then he makes a brilliant offensive play to shed three Devils at the blueline. He's going to be scintillating to watch for many years.

-Ah, Robinson. The coaching staff could use a Big Bird. So could the D, for that matter.

-Crazy prediction? The Habs will win if the next goal goes for them.


pfhabs said...


-Robinson's agent actually called the Canadiens about an assistant coaching position. Boivin told them he would call them back but he never did. they chose Martin's shadow over a HoF D man and coach with a Cup ring...ever wonder why the club will never reach elite status ? a management group they just are not smart enough. rather than pursue excellence they protect their friends and previous hires. also remember Boivin "turned over every rock" to find Gainey's replacement--- I wonder what rock he found Gauthier under ?

Anonymous said...

Oh well, the Habs won the important game yesterday but the first period sure gave me a headache.

The only consolation is that we won't have to
watch the Devils in the playoffs this year. I think I hate the Devils so much because they play better in Montreal than the Habs do. Just hope they can continue winning so they don't get a lottery pick. If Price wasn't so good it could have been 5 zip before the Habs started skating.

Anonymous said...

'Kostitsyn gets poke(checked) more often than Elton John'.
J.T. that just made the afternoon worth it !!!!!