Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Panthers vs.Habs - Dog Days Edition

Notes on the third:

-The PP is, like Alexander, having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

-Plekanec is just a beast, teeth and claws included.

-Oh, Darche. It doesn't matter if you mime the foul. The refs will ignore you and steal the money from your tips cup anyway.

-Boy, I'd love to see Hal Gill score. When he does, I hope it's a huge game winner.

-Pacioretty is showing distinct signs of being a power forward. The moves on the third goal were glorious to behold. Nice finish by the captain too.

-The fall-back position was, once again, overwhelmed to allow the Panthers back into the game.

-Wish somebody would eventually cash an empty net. Wow. They can't score even with no goalie.

-None of the previous matters. Two points are two points.

-Price's toque? Hilarious!

Notes on the second:

-I really like Carey Price, but I find I'm seeing entirely too much of him during games. Oh, wait! That's Auld. Okay, we don't see enough of him.

-Is it just me, or do "Garrison" and "Booth" sound like Old West gunslingers?

-P.K. all the way on the Halpern goal! Lovely tip too.

-Boys on the bench look like baby birds with their mouths open as they watch the replay on the big screen.

-Auld is a great substitute for a non-stress test. Just watch him for a period, and if your heart doesn't explode, you're good to go.

-My only question about Gomez at this point is how did he ever score any goals at all? He misses more open nets than Pyatt.

-And, on Gomez, WHY does he pass backwards so often? Everyone works so hard to move the puck forward, then he moves it back. He's so incredibly frustrating.

-Seriously? What happened to Chris Higgins? It has to be more than booze, to go from three productive first seasons to...this.

-Gomez is really deficient in the decision-making department. How many times do we see him make an impossible pass right on the tape of a guy in serious traffic? Okay, so that other question was not my only question on Gomez.

-Yay. PP to start the third. I should be excited, right?

Notes on the first:

-The boys always look so very awkward when they accept the Molson Cup. It's like the Molson rep just asked them for a kiss.

-The PP has as much power as a candle in a cyclone lately.

-Non-hockey watching spouse says it takes the D half a period to warm up because most of them are "creaky."

-Pacioretty's showing some nice no quit.

-Terrible coverage on the Panthers goal. Auld failed to anticipate the open man and Gill, Pouliot and Subban did nothing about actually defending the net. So kind of the Habs to, once again, give a guy his first goal.

-The Wiz magic against the Panthers seems to have fizzled.

-One more thing to dislike about Jacques the Knife: He taught the Panthers

-Little border-beard notwithstanding, Subban looks so very young.

-I love Desharnais. He's tougher than calculus.

-If only anybody on the Canadiens could score.

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