Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Habs vs.Caps - Stormy Weather Edition

Notes on the second:

-What a waste of a man advantage. That was worse than the Village People failing to score on Queen.

-Lars Eller has a really long neck. I'm calling him "Ostrich" from now on.

-Gionta looks like the break did him good.

Notes on the first:

-Just hoping to not get owned tonight. That's not too much to ask, is it?

-Pyatt left his hands wherever the mob left Jimmy Hoffa.

-Price was softer than snowflakes on the Perreault goal. Maybe tonight would have been a good time to give the kid a rest.

-When the Halpern/Pyatt/Moen line is getting the best chances, it's going to be a loooong night.

-Hammer's totally winded in the box six minutes into the game. Did he spend the All-Star break drinking?

-Habs PK is suddenly a cure for everyone else's lousy PP. Knuble kills the Habs every time.

-Plekanec needs to be a whole hell of a lot smarter than he's been playing lately. The cheap penalties are hurting his team and it's got to stop.

-Habs PP (Hey, they're allowed to have one!) looks decent, but nobody shoots and nobody goes to the net.

-Does anyone else want to send a memo to league announcers, telling them the "S" "H" in Desharnais' name is NOT pronounced "shhh?"

-Habs forwards are actually doing some nice things, but they have less finish than the Titanic's maiden voyage.

-Subban's reluctance to shoot is like the reluctance of a minister to fornicate on Sunday.

-Starting the second on the PP. Why am I not excited?

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