Thursday, February 24, 2011

leafs vs. Habs - Ye Auld Edition

Notes on the third:

-Andrei Kostitsyn might have made up Gauthier's mind on deal or no deal by missing that gaping net on the PP.

-I know Gomez has been a successful offensive player in the past. Now, though, he's just offensive. Why does the Knife continue to give him primo ice time?

-Oh, come on! FIVE goals against the leafs? The D is hurting, but this is just ridiculous.

-Plekanec kills penalties like Picasso painted one-eyed women.

-Uh oh. Halfway through the third and RDS is already sounding resigned. Maybe I should go to bed.

-Terrible PP. It should be called Ivan.

-This was awful, all around, starting with Auld. Good luck with the playoff run, Habs.

Notes on the second:

-If I met a genie and got three wishes, one of them would be to hear the unedited Hal Gill commentary to the refs.

-It's not a good thing that Hammer seems to be sucking fumes on the rush, is it?

-Oh, Cammy! That shot, when it's on, is as accurate as a rectal thermometer.

-And Wiz. I was just wondering why he doesn't shoot anymore, then he blasts one harder than diamonds.

-Ugh. Complete defensive breakdown to give the tie away.

-Sometimes Hamrlik looks like the Yoda of defence. And sometimes he looks like the Pee Wee Herman.

-Funny TV moment: Muller drawing a play on the notebook for Cammalleri. Cammalleri takes the pen and starts to draw one back. Muller takes the pen, moves down the bench. Next shot is Muller drawing a play on the notebook for Pleks and Halpern.

-Can't help wishing Price protected his neck better. Everytime I see a goalie with a "dangler" I wish Price had one.

-Gill needs an O2 tank on some of those icing races.

-Why do the Habs never score that late back-breaker?

-It must be so easy to play with Pleks. All you have to do is be on the other side of the net with your stick on the ice. He puts it cross-crease every time. How hard is that for his wingers to get?

-Good period for the Habs, but Auld's damage may be too much to repair.

Notes on the first:

-If Phaneuf had four fewer brain cells, he'd be a geranium.

-Sigh. Sometimes Subban really reminds you that he's a 21-year-old rookie. His dumb drop pass on the PP forced Wisniewski into a rotten penalty. Martin will remember that as if P.K. took the two himself.

-All this scrumming after the whistle means I'm going to be losing a lot of sleep tonight.

-Desharnais sticks to the crease like a burr to a wool sock.

-Nice shot by Hammer. I'd give him another year for cheap.

-That idiot Komisarek just mauled Pleks. No call, naturally.

-Oh, but there IS a huge phantom call on Gionta that gives One-Ball Phil a freebie.

-Auld is horrid. And Last-Pick Kessel now has more goals than gonads.

-Poor Price. He can't have a night off because his backup has more holes than Brian Mulroney's story before the Oliphant Commission.

-I worry Price may throw his shoulder out of socket with one of those windmill glove saves.

-Terrible reffing. I would hope there's at least a make-up call coming.


Rock said...

Why is there no interest in winning?

dusty said...

Why all the penalties again? Playing short for 40% of the period is just ridiculous. If Price didn't make 2 sensational saves it's 5-1 in the first. It seemed like a good idea to start Auld but he wasn't ready. He may not start another game in Montreal. If Kipper can play over 70 games every year I guess Price can too.

Like the Sopel pickup especially after seeing the Habs defense tonight and Dawes is a good fourth line guy. I think PG has to do more before the deadline seeing the B's, Flyers and Penguins getting better. At best the Habs sneak in the playoffs and won't surprise anyone this year. They'll have to earn it. If Ovy's tying goal in game seven wasn't disallowed the Habs were probably toast in the first round. This team needs grit and PG has 3 days to find it. Sopel was a good start.