Sunday, February 20, 2011

Habs vs. Flames - Heritage Cash Cow Edition

Notes on the third:

-Martin (who my non-hockey watching spouse calls "Penguin") is clapping on the bench. I'm pretty sure it's because his hands are cold, not because he's trying to rev up the troops.

-Ha ha...nobody wants to fight. Fighting in the cold hurts a WHOLE lot more than inside an arena.

-Mara hasn't looked terrible. That's a positive, right?

-How I wish Gill would (or could) score.

-The Canadiens have big problems. They are slumping harder than ABBA.

-Gill is the biggest tower of cotton balls in the world. I wonder if he qualifies for a Guiness record? He just let Tanguay walk in there.

-Price deserves better than this wretched team.

-There's nothing as ignominous in hockey than getting shut out. It's just a total failure, in every way.

Notes on the second:

-Elliotte Freidman is the only reason to watch HNIC.

-Gomez and AK on a line together should qualify for a teaching assistant.

-The Oldtimers game yetserday had more flow than this...and Serge Boisvert played in that one.

-Maybe the Canadiens' plan is to let Kipper get really cold and stiff, then jump all over him.

-If not for Carey Price, this team does not make the playoffs. Good on him for standing up to prove himself under such incredible pressure.

-Looks like Pleks is playing hurt. Similar to last season when he had a nagging hip injury to end the season.

-Weber's really earning his spot in Montreal.

-Good thing Price is only wearing the Plante tribute mask once. I'm already sick of hearing about it.

-The Canadiens never win when giving up a shorty. Not because it puts them in too deep a hole, but because if they give up a shorty, they're playing like crap all around.

-Seriously. Rene Bourque is the best player on the ice, yet they don't defend against him? They need to treat him like Crosby last playoffs and have him wearing Pleks like a sweater, but no.

-They're quitting now. You can see it. Not the kids. The vets.

Notes on the first:

-Plekanec must feel like he's converted the whole team to the benefits of the turtleneck.

-Any chance of losing Gomez in a snowbank?

-I wonder if Andrei Kostitsyn has clued in yet to why he feels colder than normal?

-Flames unis look like hotdogs with mustard.

-How sweet! They're marching out two-by-two, just like a wedding, or maybe a prom.

-Habs coaches look pretty slick. Nice gloves.

-Hard to believe Wiz is actually playing.

-Mara's first touch is an icing. Hope it's not a harbinger of bad D to come.

-This ice is really disgraceful. They shouldn't be doing the spectacle thing for games that really matter.

-Penalty trouble already. Not good. And, naturally, a goal against.

-Price is staying nice and warm.

-Could somebody please hammer Bourque?

-Canadiens just have no cohesion at all. Terrible period.


dusty said...

Further proof that out door hockey is crap. The ice is horrible, the hockey terrible and the fans are so far away it's a joke. Who likes this spectacle besides the advertisers, vendors and the other assorted assholes making a fortune off this shit? Nobody.

dusty said...

What's worse than getting blown out? Freezing and getting blown out all at once. Looks like the Flames are having fun. Maybe next year the Habs can just default instead of actually going to western Canada. The Sedins must be salivating, thinking of all the points they're going to get on Tuesday. It doesn't look like any of the Habs are even interested in finishing this game. A disgrace.

Anonymous said...

AK is playing terrible but you make it seem like he is the ONLY ONE. Name someone other than Price that is playing decent? I don't mind bashing a player when he deserves it but this jump on AK is silly. I would take AK over Gomez any day of the week. At his salary AK is not that far off in terms of production. How about Gomez?

dusty said...

Is it just me or does every single Flame player seem about 4" taller and 25lbs heavier than all of the Habs? Or do they just play that way? I'm sorry for all the negativity but I'm really hating this game. Don't think I'll bother watching Tuesday. This will be my last comment tonight. I'm going to bed.

Anonymous said...

When you see a guy like Tangauy going to the front of the net all night you know your team has a SOFT AS CHARMIN defense. Let us face facts NO ONE is afraid of this team. What an embarrassment on National TV.

In contrast the Habs are once again in how many consecutive years a team full of perimeter players. The PROBLEM is at the TOP.

Anvilcloud said...

Line of the night for me: "I wonder if Andrei Kostitsyn has clued in yet to why he feels colder than normal?"