Thursday, February 10, 2011

Isles vs.Habs - Recovery Edition

Notes on the third:

-Did Auld suddenly change into the Dryden retro mask, or am I missing something?

-Isles tie it up with the D running around and Gomez, as per usual, lagging behind the goalscorer. At some point, demotion has to enter Gauthier's mind.

-Although he didn't even touch the man until he went down, White gets a penalty. That makes sense, in the NHL's version of officiating.

-It's kind of funny when you think of NHL rookies in their first game against Gionta. They see him and say, "Cool, I'll nail HIM." Then they find out about Gionta.

-Someone's got to explain...very Kostitsyn that he can't pass like he shoots.

-Kostitsyn reminds me of the years before computers were in everyone's home. Then, you'd call something predictable and robotic "Computerized." That's what he is. He thinks only of the proper play at the proper time according to the book; not whether there are circumstances making that play unfeasible in the moment.

-And a loss to the Isles. Why am I not surprised?

Notes on the second:

-In substance abuse programs they say you have to hit bottom before you can recover. Has Gomez hit bottom yet?

-Speaking of Gomez, he and Kostitsyn are rapidly earning the title, "The Special Line."

-Difference between this year and last year? If Auld wins, he won't be getting the next start.

-A minute thirty in their own zone...held there by the Islanders...does not bode well for the Canadiens playoffs.

-Gorgeous goal by Pouliot with the DD screen.

-Of course, little time passes before Spacek is caught and it's tied again. D, oh, D, where are you?

-And the see-saw tips up once more...Plekanec hopes the ECHL goalie doesn't know Kostitsyn is useless, and goes for the look. Great goal.

Notes on the first:

-Pacioretty on RDS pre-game gives his monotone answers, then looks acutely uncomfortable while Pierre Houde translates for the audience. Weird dynamic there.

-If the Habs can't beat the Isles ECHL backup, there are serious scoring issues on this team.

-Pouliot starts the penalty parade. Somebody get that man a baton!

-The next time Gomez makes a drop pass he should be jolted with a cattle prod.

-If Poo Poo lead the big parade, Pacioretty had a hundred and ten cornets close behind.

-One thing the old guys do really well that the kids don't? Lifting the puck out of trouble on the backhand.

-Pleks always knows where everyone is, even when he shouldn't be able to see them. It's kind of freaky.

-Honestly, why is Gomez playing first-line PP minutes? What has he done to earn that?

-Ooh. I FELT Auld's groin strain on that one split save.

-Can't blame Subban for the penalties. His forwards (Gomez) are making some really desperate decisions on the PP that are leading to interceptions.

-Desharnais is brilliant. He's small, but he's got more talent in his small jock than half the team has in its six-foot bodies. Great pass to Pax for a great finish.

-How long do you think it'll be before Martin recognizes that there's special chemistry between DD and Pax? They were ONLY 1-2 in AHL scoring.

-If the Isles were better, they'd be up a goal. This is NOT good.


Pete said...

Gomez is infuriating, but in some respects Kostitsyn drives me more bats. Gomez has been playing dumb - but AK has been lazy. He has been playing with the energy of a decaf latte.

It's all about work ethic. When we work hard, we skate well - when we skate well, we usually win.

Anonymous said...


When PG trades AK for a bag of pucks like he did with his brother you will see how good AK really is.

Under a decent coach who can motivate him and talk to him he will blossom into a 40 goal scorer.

As for Gomez. A great player makes those around him play better. Gomez makes every winger play terrible.

RL said...

Is it me or did Gomez and AK46* get booed last night... It was a slight hint of a boo but still... I think fans are running out of the special elixir the Habs marketing machine has been feeding us... I mean had it been two years ago the Bell Centre would be booing Gomez more than they boo Chara when he touches the puck...and with such a poor performance from a 'star' player who could blame us... I wish Brian Burke and the Goat got along better maybe Burke would take Gomez for a couple of 1st round draft picks ;-)

@Anon: I agree... it would be a shame for AK46 to turn into a descent player once he leave MTL... but the fact is... Martin is here to stay... and to blame his underperformance on JM when AK has never delivered is unfair. To claim that he will be a better player in a low profile market speaks poorly of his ability to be top caliber too.

Personnaly, I think someone should just tell AK that the 'Kalash 47' model is the good one and that he should change his jersey number... at least change something for crying out loud...

Anonymous said...

Where's ur aftermath?!? Best part of my morning after! One thing to be happy about is Pax and DD playing well awesome addition to the team!

Hadulf said...

How long do you think it'll be before Martin recognizes that there's special chemistry between DD and Pax?...

I don't know, but it has already been too long.

Did Auld suddenly change into the Dryden retro mask...

Yes. It is quite nice actually.

Seriously, I am a 'little' concerned about the game yesterday. Loosing to the Islanders does not bode well, as you said, for the playoffs. Those were 2 points we HAD to get. Hopefully the Leafs will be more generous because we sure as hell can't beat them if we play like we did...

Oh yeah, Gomez has to go. Press box, home, AHL, my place, wherever...He needs to go. Glen Sather must be laughing all the way to Marian Gaborik.

Anonymous said...

I suspect this will get worse before it gets better. I don't think the D is all that bad to tell you the truth. I think the team folds under pressure. This time of year is great. Players are going for bonus, for contract, and for pride. Some teams come together and realize what seemed impossible. Others do not.

There is more to sport than numbers. Sport is about refusing to lose. I love to see players emerge who hate losing. I am glad to see the ones who accept losing, even if I am powerless to do anything about them.

Good stuff to know.