Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sabres vs, Habs - Leadership Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-Price reaches behind his back like an octopus.

-Pacioretty is SUCH a first-round pick! He hits the post while Gio goes way wide.

-Up and down. Up and down. It's like a see-saw for first place.

-Sabres tie it. It's a declaration of war.

-This game feels kind of predictable. The leafs win, so the Sabres tie. Then they go back and forth with the Habs. I feel like I've read this script before.

-Really? How can guys with yellow socks beat the Habs?

-Why does something of Martin's apparel always make the picture on the TV go squirrely?

-Kostitsyn's dive on that Buffalo penalty was the cheapest I've ever seen. But if it works, who cares?

-Desharnais is really, really tricky.

-Carey Price SNATCHES the puck out of the air. It's goaltending for the ages.

-Shootout sucks.

Notes on the second:

-Price looks as ready as a 29-year-old on her wedding night tonight.

-Desharnais touches the puck like a big man touches a woman. Pouliot is grateful.

-Price is helping a LOT with his puck handling lately.

-This is very up and down. Up and down. Kind of like a yo yo in non-expert hands.

-Not a great period. Easy to get distracted.

Notes on the first:

-Big rumour is Kaberle to the Bs. Based on the crap performance he put in on Saturday, I'm not scared.

-I love the little ritual between Price and Pleks that no media member has yet dissected. Pleks goes up to Price and says something, right before the puck drop. They do it every game.

-Max Pacioretty is arguably Timmins' best first-round pick after Price to date. I wonder who in Hamilton saved him?

-Man, looking at the D, is there anyone there who's played a whole NHL season, save Hammer?

-It's amazing that Darche can still poop, considering the fact that he skates his ass off every night.

-Not much joy on the PP. It's kind of like Valentine's Day when your girl lives in a different city.

-Putting Moen with Desharnais is like putting fins on a lion.

-Stupid penalty at the end, but maintaining the lead is good. Keep it up, Habs.


Anvilcloud said...

Simile of the night so far: "Putting Moen with Desharnais is like putting fins on a lion."

Anonymous said...

Under ten left in the third, and Gomez is playing with Chicken and The Captain. Why? As a reward for sucking so bad tonight? That line with 'Tits and Moan have been very bad. I wonder how long Gomez' leash really is.

RL said...

Wow.. Gomez Sucks... and the Bell Centre crowd let him know it after he missed that poor attempt of a shootout goal... even then he is predictable: "Get passed blue line and shoot puck".

Desharnais is quickly become my favorite. So much determination.

@Anon: The "Gomez, 'Tits and Moan" line... hilarious.

Paul B. said...

Wasn't Pouliot's goal served with some nice Desharnaise sauce ?