Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bolts vs.Habs - Whoever Can Stand Gets A Jersey Edition

Notes on the third, OT and SO:

-Seriously? Who's AK kidding with the mullet? Join your shaven brethern, Andrei.

-The captain has earned his stripes. Or, in this case, his C.

-P.K.'s apprenticeship with Gill is paying off on the P.K.

-Way to go, Gomez. All he's got to do is tip it out, and he fails. End result? Tying goal. Pyatt would have done better.

-The kids are playing like their underroos are on fire.

-Palushaj has been so close to his first NHL goal three times, he must have blue hands by now.

-The softest player on the ice is Gomez. Doesn't really care if he gets to the puck. Doesn't really care if his pass is intercepted. Doesn't really care. Period.

-Eller's going to replace Pleks. I should start to love him now.

-Hard to believe the 'Dogs are playing so very well against the Lightning.

-OT: Price needs to be his usual wall. The rest need to stand up and shoot into the abyss.

-Good D in OT.

-Losing in the shootout doesn't even count as a loss. The NHL said so.

-Shootout victory! Never would have predicted it!

Notes on the second:

-After watching the excitable youth rushing around with great energy and causing Lightning problems in the first, I wonder where the "leadership group" is tonight. Aside from Gomez in the box, of course.

-Ah crap. You know that dumbass Gomez penalty had to come back to haunt them. Hard to be mad at good Newfoundland boy Purcell, but there you go.

-Kostitsyn. The enigma converts just when you're ready to send him to the international space station for a jar of moon sand.

-Palushaj's working at super hyper speed. He looks like a 1910 silent film.

-It's very cool that the Bulldogs are competing so well at this level. Either they're really good or the Lightning think this is supposed to be a cakewalk.

-Gionta got Gagne's elbow right in the face. That's got to be very painful.

-This is an impressive effort by this Bulldabs team.

Notes on the first:

-Maybe the Habs can borrow Boucher for the night. It'll be a Bulldogs reunion.

-Life without Pleky is a dry, tasteless life indeed.

-Sometimes it's good to go into a game with no expectations whatsoever.

-Palushaj looks excited.

-AK's career in a nutshell: He dramatically powers in and beats the defenceman on the outside for a clear shot...on which he totally whiffs.

-P.K. can really rush the puck, but he ends up like Gomez; all alone in enemy territory.

-Lucky Eller. With the absence of Plekanec, he lands the red-hot Travis Moen on his wing.

-Cammalleri's really sucking lately. Or maybe he's just saving up so he can lead the playoffs in scoring again this year.

-Great. Roloson's having one of his superfreak games.

-The kids are hotter than fresh coffee.

-Gomez, on the other hand...the stupid penalties are just painful to watch.

-Lecavalier must have read the NHL's "good old boy" rule book. What an idiot.

-We'd better pray Subban's coming back because it's too late to tank.


Paul B. said...

56 years ago, I heard about the Canadiens for the first time in my then, short life. All the action took place about 4 blocks away from where we live, at the time.

dusty said...

Bobby "Chief" Taylor's comment on Lecavalier's game misconduct, "how can you tell we're in Canada". What a douche bag.

DB said...

A player who gets a game misconduct should forfeit his pay for the game plus his pay for all of the days until his team plays again.

dusty said...

Pouliot may well have played his last game as a Hab. The way the Dogs played tonight, who needs him? And Dawes has to stay if only for the shootouts.

Hammer played almost 30 minutes, is JM trying to kill him? Hope he gets a night off in New York. He deserves it.