Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Habs vs. Canes - Skinner Rocks Edition

Notes on the third:

-At least Martin saved Price the skate of shame across the ice and waited until the new period to install Auld.

-The difference between a guy like Gill and one like Gomez is that Gill will NEVER be caught laughing during a loss, even if he's just heard the funniest line in the world.

-A Carolina fan is waving his terribly fat two-year-old at the camera. He should be arrested for child abuse if he gives her another hot dog.

-The Hurricanes board-fixers all wearing helmets look like they're scared of hockey.

-Terrible PP. That was their chance. I'm going to bed. Without watching the last 12 minutes, I'm guessing Skinner gets the hatty.

-The Canadiens are done. Just done. There will be four regular season games and four playoff games left. Enjoy them well.

Notes on the second:

-Eller looks like he wants to make up for the giant gaffe on the 'Canes second goal.

-DD's trying his tiny buns off.

-Plekanec is NOT himself. There's something wrong there.

-Lovely passing on the Habs PP. Too bad nobody told them it's not illegal to shoot.

-Cammalleri! Finally.

-And, immediately, they give it back. Brutal screen on Price, but not a great goal to give up under the circumstances. Defensive coverage was as visible as Casper.

-Plekanec just saved the Skinner hat trick, but nobody will give him credit for that.

-And the fourth 'Canes goal just goes to illustrate how far the Canadiens are going in the playoffs. Price looks like last year tonight.

-Plekanec, Hamrlik, Price and Subban have been played out to the point of exhaustion. The playoffs are a happy fantasy.

-Good thing there's only one home game left, or Gomez would have his ears scorched with boos.

-The pool betting here is not who'll score the next Habs goal, but how many they'll lose by.

-Wow. Pouliot hasn't scored in 19 games? I guess it's harder to score from your ass than I thought.

-Now a penalty. This team, when it really counts, is sucking harder than a porn star on an audition.

-Price is falling second to Ward yet again. This is hard to watch.

Notes on the first:

-If Gomez MUST revert to previously braindead play, it'd be nice if he could refrain from doing that while Staal's on the ice.

-Desharnais behind the net is like Houdini underwater.

-Feeling like the first goal here will be major.

-Wiz is pinching like a younger sister. And doing a nice job at clearing out the pesky Staal from the crease.

-You just can't dislike Skinner, even when he scores against your team. He's just so damn happy to be there.

-I'm kind of scared to think Spacek is better than Sopel. He sucked on the 'Canes first goal. Not that Gomez or Mara were much better. Skinner had half the rink and all day to get that shot off.

-Brutal giveaways and Skinner with another one. Eller was awful. Their rookie is better than our rookie.

-The impotent Habs are back.


dusty said...

Well, I guess that's it. They can't compete in tough important games. In a way I wish the Habs would just disappear in the playoff race. The Canes would be very tough in the first round. I think the could beat Flyers or the Caps.

The Habs need a wake up call and start a rebuild now. Missing the playoffs would be a blessing in disguise. This group is just horrible.

Anonymous said...

The optimist in me wants the Canadiens to make the playoffs cause like last year "you never know".

The cynic in me wants the Canadiens to blow up and miss the playoffs. With PG and JM in control this franchise is just treading water. We need to clean out the old regime.

Woodvid said...

If it's any consolation, even Detroit lost 8-3 tonight. Sh-t happens.

That said, as I've mentioned already, I hold out no hope for this bunch. No heart, nothing there to speak of. You are right about 8 games left.

iRiRi said...

Thanks for the laughs, J.T.

As you know, we definitely need them right now. Sigh.

Woodvid said...

Must correct myself -- Detroit lost *10*-3, not 8-3! I assumed that the eight goals came over the course of a whole game!

Anonymous said...

I'm like the rest of you,hope they miss the playoffs (a sweep is always hard to take).
I went to bed before the third,this is awful.
I think you are right JT-Price is done !!

dusty said...

I don't think Price is done but the defence sure is.