Saturday, March 26, 2011

Caps vs. Habs - Better Bring it Edition

Hi all...

For all of you who've been emailing and tweeting to ask where the hell I am, well, I'm in Montreal. The game against the Caps tonight will determine whether it's actually hell or not. I missed the Bs game because of travel, but sounds like I picked a good time to be without a TV. I'll be back with a report of tonight's game when I get back. Thanks for asking.


Anonymous said...

Thank God, I was starting to worry! Didn't your Mom ever tell you that no news is BAD news??? Getting beat up badly by the Bruins is one thing but then to loose J.T.???

Glad you will be back to us shortly and WELCOME TO MONTREAL!!!


Anonymous said...

By the way, you say you missed the B's game but I would loved to have seen your jaw drop when you read or heard the results!!


Pete said...

Hey JT,

Bring us the usual educated, humorous and occasional tragic truth. We go to you for solace, angry venting, affirmation, or the elation of victory.

I agree we are at a precipice, but we need you're objectivity regardless. We will always be Habs fans - loyal, patient, emotional, eternal; but seeking the leaders of our community to cut through the emotionalism and speculation.

Missed ya, and hope to you see you back tonight!

Go Habs!

Pete from Florida

Woodvid said...

Welcome to town! Hope things turn around from that start and the Habs actually score a goal at some point.

Anonymous said...

We get worried, J.T. Thanks for checking in.

dusty said...

If the Canes cooperate, the Habs could make the playoffs without winning another game this season. They could then set a Stanley Cup record by losing a series without scoring a single goal. What a nightmare!

Just caught Cherry having an orgasm on national TV because the Habs got shutout again. He says it's Karma for running up the score in Minny. Is this guy retarded or what? And then he has a second orgasm (I think that's a record for an 90 year old), over Holtby. I think the Habs generated one or two scoring chances, three tops. If Price played for the Caps he'd lead the league in shutouts.

JM calls timeout with the game totally over and Gionta has to make great save to avoid another empty netter. Looking at Muller, I'm thinking he's so outta here.

dusty said...

Pittsburgh picks up Paul Martin, Zbynek Michalek and James Neal. The Habs get Picard, Sopel and the Wizzer. The Pens pick up Kunitz, we get Moen. Why doesn't the Habs management ever pick up players to strengthen the team? Instead all they seem to do is plug holes with castoffs. O'Byrne and McDonagh sure would be useful players to have but no they weren't good enough for nos glorieux. I now know what it's like to be a Cubs fan.

To add insult to injury, Hab fan dollars bail out the Coyotes who have a better GM, coach and team than Montreal has. 21,273 pay to watch crap while 5,000-10,000 paying customers in Phoenix get a more competitive product on the ice to boot! How disgusting is that?