Sunday, March 20, 2011

Habs vs.Wild - Gotta Have It Edition

Notes on the third:

-I'm in an alternative universe. P.J. Stock is giving credit to the Habs generally, and Subban in particular.

-And Subban doesn't disappoint, with the hatty! This is just fantastic.

-Clutterbuck needs to chill. He's going to hurt someone in a pointless game.

-The excess goal horn on the Koivu PS goal is kind of humiliating, all things considered. Picard ruined Auld's shutout.

-Nice to see Pyatt finally get one.

-Hope there's some goals left in the tank for the rest of the week.

-Bulldogs on the PP. Nice to see.

-Good win. Keep it going for the Sabres.

Notes on the second:

-Subban!! And White with the Gordie Howe. The future is so bright, it should have membership in Mensa.

-Do they ref differently in the A? All the kids have a hard time refraining from silly holding and hooking penalties.

-Cammalleri waited like Kate Middleton on the Wisniewski goal.

-Moen with the donkey goal. This is starting to become a bit embarrassing.

-The Wild are just dazed and confused.

-Palushaj gone for concussion prevention. Hope he's okay.

-Good job on AK going to the net on P.K.'s second goal. And what a rocket! NASA's looking at that thing to replace the shuttle.

-P.K. needs to shut up on penalty calls. Nobody likes someone bitching a call, and Subban's got enough to do in dealing with the rest of the league's criticisms.

-Pouliot's making a big F.U. statement tonight.

-And Wild fans boo their own team. So glad the Habs aren't THAT team this year.

Notes on the first:

-On the surface, it's good to see Skillsie back. Hope he's not still sick and rusty.

-Well, well. It seems Poo Poo wants to show the people who didn't like him in Minny what they're missing. Gorgeous play for White's first in the big league.

-White's hotter than a hibachi. If Pouliot could take a pass, he'd have a goal and an assist already.

-Bob Cole Captain Obvious Comment of the period: "...and Gill is slow getting over there..."

-Stoner should have been called for boarding if the new NHL promise to clamp down on that had any real meaning to it.

-If not for Pouliot's miss on that pass, White'd have a Gordie Howe trick less than ten minutes in. Wow.

-My favourite Hamrlik play is the one where he slams on the brakes in the corner and makes the other guy check himself. He's so good at that.

-AK's one away from the magical twenty goals that makes it harder not to sign him for next year.

-PP's pretty lousy again tonight.

-Auld's looking good. I really root for him.


Anonymous said...

Aftermath, aftermath...I need my aftermath fix.

Tara said...

Ha. I knew you'd pick up on Cole's Captain Slow comment. Poor Gilly. Now, on a scale of 1 to 10 how much does Cole hate the Habs?