Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrashers vs.Habs - Drought Edition

Notes on the third:

-Loving Halpern, just not on the first line.

-Man, if not for Price...it doesn't bear thinking about where this team would be.

-Kostitsyn's got a concussion-wish tonight. He just walked directly into two major hits.

-What a crock! Subban for diving is based solely on the rep he's getting from the complaining of other players.

-Glad this is McCreary's last game. If he didn't see Gill high-sticked there, he's blind anyway. No way that goal should count.

-Kostitsyn with the empty netter for his twentieth. Nobody will care how it went in, come contract time.

-Nice gesture for the Habs to congratulate McCreary. Didn't see Gill shake his hand, though.

-Finally. A win. I'd forgotten how it felt.

Notes on the second:

-That Price kid isn't a bad goalie.

-Pouliot has fallen down more often than a drunk girl on a carousel tonight.

-Looks like Pleks has his legs back. He's really moving out there.

-Another too-many-men call? This team has many failings, but the inability to count to five is chief among them.

-Gionta's looking at his stick as though wondering where the hole is.

-AK and Gomez laughing on the bench. Great minds...

-Another good period. It would be nice to see a third goal, though.

Notes on the first:

-A goal! A goal! My kingdom for a goal!

-Thirty seconds in, and the Thrashers get a grade-A chance. Price must be rolling his eyes already.

-They just bounce off Kostitsyn like squash balls off the wall.


-Nice to see Eller draw a penalty instead of take one.

-Craig Ramsay looks like Dr.Evil's grandpa.

-A goalpost on the PP. If Gomez needs to sell his soul to the devil to get out of this, I'm okay with that.

-Thanks, Hamrlik! I was never so happy to hear "Vertigo" in my life.

-And Darche! It's like being constipated for a week and then the bran kicks in.

-This game is to Saturday what the Royal Wedding is to a chapel in Vegas.

-Oh no! A Moen fight! I hate it when a top-six forward is gone for five.

-Just curious: If it's essential for the Canadiens coach to be French-speaking, why does Muller always do the RDS in-game interviews? And most of the talking to the players?

-Good period. Wish I'd seen one like that on Saturday night.

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Number31 said...

When I see Craig Ramsay I always think of Mummy's Alive...