Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Habs vs.Thrashers - Stretch Run Edition

Notes on the third:

-Pouliot has a lot of pluses, but passing isn't really one of them.

-Hamrlik reminds me of Sam McGee in the crematorium...sitting cool and calm in the heart of the furnace roar.

-AK hits like a V-1 rocket.

-Next time the Thrashers sell off all their assets except Kane, I'd love the Habs to get Stewart.

-If Desharnais' hands were any silkier, they'd have to sew them into ladies' undergarments.

-Gill's stick is so long, it enters the TV frame half a second before he does.

-Oh! Pacioretty converts on that breakaway, and we can breathe.

-Ugh. Sergio Momesso is blaming poor Gomez coverage for the Thrashers goal, but that was on Sopel. He forgot which team he was playing for and made a soft pass up the middle for a surefire interception.

-When the Habs start waving at the puck more often than the Queen waves on a walkabout, they're in trouble.

-Clever! The arena people have recorded a "Let's Go Thrashers" chant and play it over the sound system.

-Gio burned up the engine on re-entry for that EN goal. Good for him. I don't remember the Habs potting one of those very often.

Notes on the second:

-Nice dirty little PP goal. DD's so good in those situations, and AK made a sweet pass for Wisniewski.

-Another too-many-men? They must be having a sale.

-Price has got to give up the baseball. That's the second DOG penalty he's taken in a week.

-As Murray Wilson used to say, there's lots of reaching going on here. Sticks waving at pucks instead of bodies hitting puck carriers. That'll come back to bite them.

-As will the parade of idiotc penalties.

-Price is quicker than rabbits.

-Gionta versus Byfuglien is a bigger mismatch than Madonna and Messier.

-Amazing. How on earth did Cammalleri miss that chance at the end? That would have been nice.

Notes on the first:

-Too many men. Habs must have enough to start a shop by now.

-Evander Kane is the kind of guy the Habs will get at the trade deadline in a dozen years, after he's become a "solid, Cup-winning veteran with one more run in the tank."

-Price handles the puck better than half his defence.

-Gill takes his helmet off and settles in on the bench to watch the PP. Not that it's much of a show.

-Mara hit Dvorak so hard, he almost drove him into the playoffs.

-Not really enjoying the Plekanec yapping every time he gets called. He should save it for the *really* egregious calls.

-Must be nice to walk into an NHL hockey rink and be guaranteed your choice of seat.

-Great point shot by Pax. Might be something to keep in mind on the PP.

-Gomez must have a wheel out of alignment. Maybe that's why he always drifts left.

-You know what'd be a cool stat? Kilometers skated per game. Pleks'd be halfway home to Kladno by now.

-Poor Hammer. Kane danced him around like a marionette.

-Oh, you could just see the stupid crosscheck on Hamrlik coming after he let the puck go after the horn. Hope this doesn't turn into a crap fest.

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Patccmoi said...

'Gill's stick is so long, it enters the TV frame half a second before he does'

You got it wrong, it's because he's so slow =p

What an ugly win, but we'll take it! Price was a beast. And man I can't get enough of the new Pacioretty. Kid will be something special, and nobody will mention Perron next year (funny how that pretty much stopped already).