Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Caps vs.Habs - For Max Edition

Notes on the third:

-This is such exciting, clean hockey.

-Plekanec hurt? That does NOT bode well.

-Eller's going to be extremely good. He handles the puck like Faberge handled eggs.

-CRAP! PK did what he could, but DD didn't have the trailer.

-Then, in the Caps' zone, DD is brilliant, and PK can't finish. Repeat: they're kids, they'll learn, they're kids, they'll learn

-Did I not say before the game that Knuble scores against the Habs EVERY time? There you go. Game over.

Notes on the second:

-Already I can't stand Boudreau. He's having a little conference with the refs before the period starts. That will NOT end well for the Habs.

-Kostitsyn launched that past Holtby. Rocket speed.

-Gill's more out of his depth than the Titanic in the North Atlantic.

-Playing the role of Jaro Halak tonight, introducing: Carey Price!

-Kostitsyn looks like he found the brother he never had in Eller.

-Martin's tie could have been made by Kindergarteners with glue and construction paper.

-Scary period. This one is going to make for a tense third.

Notes on the first:

-Bruce Boudreau is an ignoramous. (More on that tomorrow)

-Already shaping up to be the opposite of a classic. Pleks burned by Carlson's speed, and Price burned by the glass.

-Moen? Hey! He's on a two-game goal-scoring streak.

-Anybody notice Mara looks like a bearded Craig Rivet? When he fights, I just hope he doesn't get hurt or embarrassed.

-Wow. Thought for sure that second Caps goal was good. Price dodged a stink bomb there.

-Cammalleri's crappier in his own zone than a port-a-potty at an Exlax convention.

-Something's wrong with Pleky. He doesn't look like himself at all.

-Laich just pinned Desharnais to the boards like a butterfly in a display.

-Eller's getting better and better.

-When Hammer wants to play the body, his old bones really remember how.

-It may be time to call up Palushaj. Pyatt just cannot score.

-I fear Knuble. He scores against the Habs every time.

-Laich was full value for that goal. He spotted the sitting duck in Gill and plucked him bare.

-This is like a giant game of 3-D pinball.

-The delayed penalty play was actually better than the PP. Caps have developed a very aggressive PK.

-Dumb penalties by the Habs, but dramatic penalty killing. Now, they have to stop kicking their own ass in the second.


Woodvid said...

Nice to see you're back blogging the games -- even if I don't yet have the stomach to watch again.

Anonymous said...

Suburban is so out of control. Awful

GHF377 said...

Hey JT,

glad you are back! Just wished the outcome for this one would have been better.

Big cheers from far away Germany!

dusty said...

Caps look real good and comfortable in one goal games. Habs just don't have the horses.

What's up with Cammalleri? He looks useless. If he doesn't improve in the playoffs and isn't playing injured I wouldn't mind seeing him go.

Playoffs should be great this year with Washington, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Tampa or the Rangers could play the Habs role of last season and surprise a top seed. The Habs? Not so much. I love them and the young guys are trying so hard but they won't beat anybody other than the Bruins which would be fun to watch.