Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Habs vs.Sabres - First Place Edition

Notes on the third:

-Bell crowd aren't as knowledgeable as they used to be. Booing a legal check on Kostitsyn.

-It'd be nice if one of the millionaires took it into his head to score.

-Wiz is taking too long to tee up the shot. Miller's getting set every time.

-Speaking of Wiz, that's a hell of a scar he's going to have.

-Seriously? Is Cammalleri playing? Haven't seen him lately.

-Looks like AK has had his hairs dyed.

-They really should have stopped at three or four against the Wild. Now the week's quota is all used up.

-Muller's giving it to Engqvist (boy, that's hard to type) on the bench.

-Why are they all shooting on Miller's glove side? He's NOT going to be beaten there.

-Cammalleri's like the opposite of King Midas.

-Poor DD. Had the puck behind the net with all the time in the world and not a red-suited soul in front of the net.

-Their midget was better than our midgets.

-The other guys wanted it more tonight. The end.

Notes on the second:

-The penalty parade. All it needs is a few elephants.

-Gionta did a helluva job on the PK, winning puck battle after battle. He was like Braveheart, except for the disemboweling.

-AK's playing well tonight. Since he got freed from Gomez Island he's much more visible.

-Damn deflection. Mara should have had Gerbe there, but he's the sixth D on a healthy team. What can you do?

-Hmmm...having that shutout feeling. Haven't felt that way in a while.

-Absolutely no excuse for Martin having the fourth line out there with Picard on D. It's the recipe for "pinned in your zone" every time.

-Great flurry to finish. If the Habs come out like that to start the third, they've got a shot.

Notes on the first:

-Comment from non-hockey watching spouse: Gomez should be embarrassed to be on the same team as Desharnais.

-Good PP for a change. Lots of pressure, but Miller's good.

-Price is making me watch his knee on every play. Hope he's good.

-Unfortunate penalties. The boys look like they're marking time a little bit here, waiting for something to happen.

-Miller's sharper than broken glass.

-Ryan White sticks his tongue out a lot.

-Cautious period. Habs are thinking about first place.


dusty said...

Gomez and Cammalleri are dragging the Dogs down. What a shame. That's over 12 million in cap space down the drain for the next 4 seasons. That's depressing.

Anonymous said...

Tough loss, but with the addition of Boyes and the emergence of Ennis, the Sabres are now a real threat in the East. They now have two lines that can score, a healthy D core, all-star goaltending and great coaching. Washington might be going home in the first round again if they draw Buffalo.

RL said...

The brilliance of your writing is in th subtle details... example: Looks like AK has had his hairs dyed... the subtle emphasis on AKs male pattern baldness is hairlarious!