Friday, October 30, 2009

Habs vs. Hawks - Lucky Thirteen

Notes on the third:

-Every once in a while, just when I hate him most, Gill makes a nice play. He must be Catholic because he's always getting temporary absolution.

-Okay, let me get this straight. Stopping the man WITH the puck is now interference? The defencemen, in the New NHL are supposed to politely step aside and let the man go in order to avoid a penalty? Ah. I see. In that case, I hate the New NHL.

-Mara's got the Playoff Facial Pelt going remarkably early, and optimistically, in the season.

-Senator Demers will push bills through the Senate faster than Spacek skates.

-I've seen balloons sharper than Latendresse. The kid, if he's going to develop at all, should be a little farther along by now.

-Delay of game for shooting the puck out is the worst, stupidest penalty in hockey. May whoever voted for that one have a rotten case of the piles.

-I know Kostitsyn's traditionally a slow starter, but I'm starting to think he's a bigger bust than the one of Beethoven. Brutal blown coverage on Kane for the winning goal.

-Do you think Martin ever speaks to Gainey as a former GM, as in, "Bob, we have to ditch this guy?"

-I really feel for Price. He gave his teammates every chance, and they gave him nothing. Again.

-I guess we're getting a feel for what this team is all about now. I think they're a hardworking bunch, filled with heart, but with basically mediocre talent. Only four forwards and none of the D are legitimate scoring threats. That's not good enough. Points for trying though.

Notes on the second:

-Who the hell is buying tickets to the make-believe story about last year's Habs winning a mythical Cup? Might as well spend the money on the Lord of the Rings box set if you're looking for fantasy. It's more expensive, but not nearly as bitter.

-Habs need a better plan of attack than "cross blueline, shoot, give up puck, return to own zone." Coach...drawing board...stat!

-Whenever the Habs break out, the Hawks D is after them like a swarm of killer bees.

-I don't know if I dislike Gill or Gomez more. Gomez, I think, because he smirks. Gill just sucks.

-The good thing about this game is we get to scout the 'Hawks and see who we'd like to have in their upcoming cap-induced firesale.

-This is like watching the Czech Republic in the World Championships. I hope Pleks and Hammer do well, and don't worry much about the outcome. It's easier if you don't worry.

-Cammalleri gets lots of goals because he doesn't make mistakes on the garbage. Lapierre's rearend should have had an assist on that for sticking to Huet's face.

-Travis Moen is worth his weight in gold. I wish there were six of him and Metropolit on the bottom two lines.

Notes on the first:

-Jacques the Knife looks more like Jacques the Civil Servant tonight. Hard to imagine him swearing.

-Honestly, can Pacioretty take target shooting lessons? He's like the sniper who was supposed to take Hitler out.

-Nice stretch pass by Price. Sometimes I wonder if he couldn't just convert to centre and solve a bunch of problems.

-Habs could take a lesson in expedient zone clearances from the 'Hawks D. They just rifle that thing out on the PK.

-You can't blow extended PPs like that and still expect to win games. I guess the good news is the team is better even strength this year, right?

-One thing Andrei Kostitsyn isn't getting much credit for this year is his improved committment to backchecking. I've seen him get back to make some nice plays this year.

-Get your Moen runnin'...get out on the PK...looking for adventure...

-Can Bergeron never take a regular shift on D again? I know I asked that last game, but seriously, Weber was NOT worse.

-Favourite sequence of the period: Campbell pulls the Savardian Spinerama down the right wing, only to be met by the Robinson Wrecker from Pacioretty. Nice way to remember the Big Three.

-Price looked smart and confident in that period. Here's hoping he still looks like that in forty minutes.


sheldon said...

Completly agree on Marc Andre, Weber was not worse. I am hoping Jacques plays MAB on the 4th line when OB returns.

pfhabs said...


-AK stick checking Kane was bone head but the goal scorer was not Kane it was Sharp

-where was the CH centre (Gomez I believe) and what was Mara waiting for to close the gap on Sharp an invitation ?

-lots of mistakes on that play and 2 by the so called July saviours and both vets

-as for MAB as a forward...makes no sense as his best asset is the point shot on the PP not as a winger with huge defensive liabilities and no size....4th line is a grind line not a safe haven for all offense D men

Number31 said...

Hail to our best offensive defenceman: Carey Price. Oh and he plays goal too. Wunderkind!

MAB makes me MAD...