Monday, December 7, 2009

Flyers vs. Habs - Back to Business Edition

Notes on the third and OT:

-AKostitysn's shot should be noted in the long-gun registry.

-Good to see the refs don't just suck against the Habs. The Pronger trip on Cammalleri was weak, at best.

-Gomez has an uncomfortable habit of passing back to his D-men from the neutral zone. These guys aren't expecting that much creativity.

-You have to give MAB credit. When the D takes injuries, he manages to step up. And his shot could be used to sight a rifle.

-The Flyers look like they're feeling sorry for themselves. I hope they're sorry for the next fifty games or so.

-It seems the Centennial-party hangover is actually a GOOD thing. If I'm still feeling it, why shouldn't they?

Notes on the second:

-Note to Carey: Stop pretending you're a D. You're not that good at handling the puck, you showoff.

-Pleks channelling Gretzky in the office behind the net, and AK playing the role of Kurri. Bravo! Encore!

-Sergei Kostitsyn can handle the puck like Faberge handled eggs.

-Pacioretty's gonna be a player. He's getting smarter every game.

-On now at the Bell Centre: Buy one puck, get two for free. It's a Canadiens giveaway special!

-Lapierre passed on a 2-on-1. It's a Christmas miracle. It comes to pass...and a goal is born.

-Uncle Bob gave us our present early. It was a slightly-used Cammelleri, and we loved it.

-MAB was crumpled like a paper doll at least twice in that period. He's got to be hurting.

-Very nice period. Now the challenge of not playing shut-down in the third. Remember how well that worked against the Caps, guys?

Notes on the first:

-Ugh. I hate staged fights. Laraque's not even landing on top anymore. It's like watching an aging Sandra Bullock playing a twenty-something on the big screen.

-Flyers look like they're training for the Olympics in cycling.

-Metro's got the moves! He's slicker than a mountain road in January.

-Well, the number 20 thing isn't working out so well for O'Byrne so far. How the hell can a guy who's a full foot taller than Briere fail to control that little weasel? What a crappy goal to give up.

-Habs' O looks like it's got a Centennial-party hangover.

-Flyers look like they've lost a ton of games lately, and this game is still Montreal's for the taking. They can't afford to let the Bullies get confidence in the second, though.

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