Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Habs vs. 'Canes - Break the Curse Edition

Notes on the third:

-Jacques Demers is getting fatter than Santa Claus. know they both wear the turtleneck, right?

-Eric Staal is proof that having one big, superstar centre and nothing else will NOT make a team win.

-Hate to nitpick in a win like this, but O'Byrne is softer than kittens on the boards. For a big guy, he doesn't really make a regular impact.

-Pouliot was more visible than Gui was in most games this year. I'll take that as a good sign.

-So, Jaro's still burning hot. Does that mean he goes Boxing Day too? It's only that it's Jaro doing this that there's a question there.

-Thanks, Habs, for the nice present. Merry Christmas to you all, even Laraque.

Notes on the second:

-Andrei Markov is like a little piece of Christmas every night. He was NOT letting Whitney off the boards with the puck.

-Pleks has been getting a lot of guys kicked out of the faceoff circle lately. I think he's subtly cheating.

-What the hell does Martin have on his tie? It looks like something his kids gave him for Father's Day.

-Hamrlik is so, so much better than Gill on D. I wonder if we'll ever see the full D-corps as Gainey meant it to be?

-Halak splits like a banana.

-First line's getting cuter than Shirley Temple now. When that happens, they're just as potent as a Shirley Temple too.

-If Metropolit was going to be a late bloomer, I'm glad the Habs got him later rather than sooner. Hope he gets the hatty in the third.

-Very nice period. Curse? What curse?

Notes on the first:

-Was that the fastest first goal they scored all year? The PP is back to the days of Souray/Markov/Kovalev. I love this.

-Andrei Kostitsyn reminds me of Dorian Gray. There's a painting of a very, very bad hockey player in an attic somewhere while he's looking like a Super Draft first rounder.

-Do the people who want to trade Pleks still doubt he makes the players around him better? I'm thinking Sergei Kostitsyn's not.

-Speaking of whom, I've heard the myth of spontaneous combustion before, but as I watch Plekanec play, I think I'm seeing it happen.

-I like that in the comfort of a three-goal lead we have the luxury to feel a bit bad it was TK in the box for the 'Canes on that fourth goal.

-Pouliot didn't look bad. We'll have to see if it's first-game excitement or if he's actually planning to fulfill his promise at last.

-Glen Metropolit is like biting into a really great caramel when you thought you were getting one of those crappy coconut cremes.

-Is it too early to get cocky?

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Melly said...

Last year there was some grumbling around the non-Habs blogs about Pleky's faceoff technique ... they weren't so kind as you to label it as "subtle." He gets his left skate in the opposing player's way.

What a year he's having! The emergence of SuperPleks is the best part of this season.