Thursday, December 31, 2009

Habs vs. Panthers - I Wanna Go Home Edition

No notes on the rest...New Year's party guests have arrived. Go Habs Go!

Notes on the first:

-O'Byrne had a really nice takeout there. He stayed with his man with good speed, then squashed him.

-Is it the new HD TV, or are the Habs a LOT faster than they were in the first half?

-Amazing what a fully healthy D-corps can do for a team. It's like a different bunch in their own end...for the most part.

-Gorges is at risk of an indecent exposure charge after Ballard denuded him like that. Halak should probably have bailed him out though.

-Gomez earned at least an eighth of his salary by keeping the puck in traffic like that on the Gill goal. That was a thing of beauty, as was the O'Byrne save at the line on the same play.

-If the Habs had to pay mileage for the distance Plekanec skates every game, they'd find it's cheaper to pay him the five million a year.

-Horton heard a in, who's supposed to be playing back on that breakaway?

-All in all, not a bad period. But I suspect playing last night and at the end of the seven-game road trip will soon start to show.

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GK said...

When I was a kid in the sixties, watching the Habs play in a six-team NHL, the players wore numbers from 1 to 30, with the goalies bracketing the range. Anything over that had to be a football player. I believe the first jersey over 31 on the Habs was 32, Dave Lumley, in 1978.

Collecting my bubble-gum cards, I used to dislike gaps in the sequence. In '65 when Boom-Boom left, there was a gaping hole between Beliveau and Backstrom.

So during the Habs' power-play which got them their second goal last night, a certain feeling of nostalgia and inner peace crept over me when I noticed that the Panthers' goalie, #29, would have looked to the face-off circle to see the Canadiens' forward lineup, #13, #14, and #15.