Monday, December 14, 2009

Sabres vs. Habs - Remember When Buffalo Was Bad? Edition

Notes on the third:

-Is Markov really this vital to the team's success? Because I don't see another Markov in the system.

-I wonder how many points Pleks has, lifetime, against the Sabres? I have a feeling it's impressive.

-Spatch is a fattie, but he uses his extra padding to block shots, so it's all good.

-Gomez is not worth eight million bucks a year. He's worth four million and a box of Pot of Gold.

-The first line is a first line. The second is a third, the third is a third and the fourth is a first. In the AHL.

-D'Agostini is on the swift shuttle out of Montreal if he doesn't pick it up. When your only appearance on TV in the third period of a close game is sitting out a double-minor for someone else, it's not a good thing.

-I can't take anymore of these ridiculous penalties. I just can't. I feel like I've been emotionally beaten.

Notes on the second:

-OB dances a very nice foxtrot. He's a classic kind of guy.

-It turns out I may have inadvertently hated Hal Gill because he was quietly playing hurt. I apologize. With a working foot, he's a fine D-zone guy.

-If Halak's traded now, it'll be a mistake. Price, and the Habs, need a goalie who can steal a game every night. And Price can't rob that much on his own without getting caught. Not yet, anyway.

-Are the Habs this stupid or this violent? The number of penalties they're getting has to be either one or the other. Somehow, I'm not buying violent.

-Anyone who thought Sergei Kostitsyn has more upside than his brother is dead wrong. Andrei starts slow, but when he's can see why he was a first-rounder in the Super Draft.

-Spacek shoots hard, but he's got the accuracy of a duck hunter with cataracts.

-In iambic pentameter: The team that scores the shorty wins the game.

-I don't know about the rest of you, but watching the Habs get overpenalized and outshot game after game doesn't have the same cachet as watching The Grinch for the thousandth time.

Notes on the first:

-Wow, Miller's getting Brodeur-like in his numbers against the Habs. That's one torch we *didn't* need to see passed, unless it happened to catch their hair on fire in the passing.

-Can we send a spy to Lindy Ruff's practices? Because somehow, they're learning how to complete a sequence of passes to guys on their own team. The Habs could use some tips.

-If you put a little curly hat on Martin, he'd be Albino Smurf.

-I know they're saying Markov has "mobility issues," but yes, Andrei, we can hear you now. And we need you.

-Watching the Habs in their own zone is like having "relations" after your 25th wedding anniversary. It's so predictable, you can call the moves before they happen.

-Hammer and Spacek might not be young. And they might not be speedy. But boy, they're smart. And sometimes, smart is enough.

-If anyone scores even-strength for the Habs tonight, it's going to be someone on the Pax/Metro/Moen line. Those are the only guys who throw enough chaos out there to bother the Sabres defence.

-Booing Rivet in Montreal is like booing Braveheart in Edinburgh because he happened to spend some time in England.

-Kostitsyn has a shot like the space shuttle. Out of sight as soon as it leaves the ground.

-That period would have been a wash except for the PP. They have to pick it up in the second because the Sabres have a gear they haven't shown yet tonight.


Anonymous said...

Rivet is booed mainly because he said he was glad to leave Montreal for San José The reason believe it or not was that Montreal is way too cold in the winter. If I'm not mistaken, the guy was born and raised in Northern Ontario... wife and I have been married for 39 years and we're not THAT predictable...

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one to think that O'Byrne been playing lousy since he came back from his injury ? Not only does he play lousy but how many penalties a game is he allowed to take ?

Anonymous said...

I'm too bummed out to post anything worthwhile !!

Anonymous said...

Great comments, much more interesting than Gomez play.

Raphaël P. said...

I totally agree with you anonymous... your wife is intend unpredictable :P

(Sorry it was too easy to pass up.)

BTW J.T. Thanks for the notes, I'm in my exam period and as such cannot watch a whole match. Your notes are just as good as watching it.

Rookie said...

"Gomez is not worth eight million bucks a year. He's worth four million and a box of Pot of Gold."

So true... but I only agree with that statement when he's mad or when I see proof of his playmaking skills. Otherwise, still... four million? He is NOT two-thirds of a Cammy. I'm sorry. I've tried as hard as I could to warm up to him since the trade, and it's been tough.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree about Laraque being on a first line in the AHL!