Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Habs vs. Sens - Jaro's Redemption Edition

Notes on the third:

-Lots of space on the Habs bench. It's like Star Trek after the red shirts have been picked off.

-Pax is developing such a nice patience with the puck.

-Jaro is sucking up pucks like a plecostomus sucks up the crap from your fish tank.

-Way to go Habs. Three in a row. Let's make it four.

Notes on the second:

-If Laraque is still on this team in two months, it's not making the playoffs. He's a more useless waste of money than the time the government spent twenty million giving Canadians free flags.

-Habs are now getting penalties for wearing white after Labour Day, apparently.

-The lack of Habs PPs is starting to make me think Tocchet's got money on this one.

-I've ragged on MAB's defensive abilities (or lack thereof) often, but I think if he can find a Streit-like niche on the fourth line and on the PP, the team will be better for his presence. D'iberville didn't have such good cannon.

-OB's getting much, much better at punishing people trying to steal his blueline. He's Pat Garrett to the opposition's Billy the Kid.

-Shots 31 to 16? Either the Habs are the most efficient team in the league on shooting percentage, or the shot-counters are dumbing them down to make them look like heroes.

-The Canadiens operate under adversity with the aplomb of Job. Here's hoping they can carry it on, down two men, for another twenty.

Notes on the first:

-Well, the habitual period of suckitude at the beginning of the game seems to be getting shorter. That's a good sign.

-If Kovy *really* loved the Habs, he'd stop trying to score against them.

-For those who say Gainey didn't address the D issues, just imagine the team with Markov gone and no Spacek? Yeah. Last April comes to mind like the last scene in "Misery."

-Hey Sergei! Spezza doesn't need the help!

-Not hard to tell it's Ottawa, when you can't distinguish who's got the puck by the sound of the crowd.

-Wow, Gomez burns through centre like the Octomom through her fifteen minutes of fame. Too bad he ALWAYS peels off to the wing after he crosses the line though.

-RDS on the bench with Perry Pearn. So *that's* what he looks like.

-If Metro's not careful, he'll put himself out of the running for the team's "unsung hero" award. He's getting a little too "sung" these days, for good reason.

-Pleks and Cammy go together like ham and cheese. Obviously, Cammy's the cheese.

-There has to be a balance between Jaro and Carey that will keep them both happy. Jaro, with semi-regular work is a fine backup I'd like to keep.

-Nice first, relative to how firsts have been going lately. Let's hope last night's game doesn't start to tell on the legs in the next twenty.

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